Master Blaster Trophy

  • Master Blaster


    Blow up the rocks

    Story-related, cannot be missed.

    At the start of the game you will come across the professor up the path standing by a pile of rocks to the left of the temple's door. Talking to him, he will ask you to retrieve some dynamite to remove the rocks. Go back down to the landing and on the left side is a workbench you can interact with. This is your first puzzle for the game.

    To get the dynamite you must first make it. By adding the correct mixtures together you will yield the sought-after item. There are four bins on top and two at the bottom. The three in the middle are the ones you'll need to work with to craft the dynamite. Each bin reduces the power mix by a certain percentage, while the chart to the left tells you what percentage each powder type needs to be at by the time it hits the bottom. Each drop will reduce the percentage, so much depends on which way you have the bins facing. I have these bins labelled by their percentages and going from left to right:

    1=50%, 2=100%, 3=25%

    Pull the lever on the right to mix the powder and retrieve the dynamite. Take the dynamite back to the rock pile and interact with it to place and light it. The trophy is yours.

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  • Story related. After you speak with the professor he will tell you to get dynamite to blow up the rock wall. Head back down to the camp and inspect the crates on the left side. To mix the dynamite properly the left canister is Half, the middle canister is Full circle(green), right canister is Half. Pull the lever on the right to make the dynamite. Go back up to the professor and rock wall step close to the wall. Press Triangle to ignite and step away. Trophy pops after professor says "interesting"

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