Estimated difficulty: 3/10 (Personal Rating - skill dependent) (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
Estimated completion time: 10 hours (Skill dependent)
Offline trophies: 12 (9, 2, 1)
Online trophies: None
Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
Difficulty trophies: No difficulty setting.
Number of missable trophies: 1 (Globetrotters )
Glitched trophies: None
Cheat codes: None


In this game you play as Adam Venture, an unknown but brilliant treasure hunter. Though this is a biblical-type game, it's pretty similar to the older Tomb Raider games.

Only one playthrough is needed, but two will be required if you miss out on the Globetrotters trophy. All other trophies are story-related and cannot be missed.

There are treasure chests that can be found throughout the first two episodes of the game. These chests give you codes that you can enter on the Adam's Venture website (also provided to you when you open the chest). Finding the chests and entering the codes has no effect on you completing the game for 100%.


Step 1: First playthrough:

During your first playthrough there's no need to worry about getting the puzzles done quickly. Take your time and enjoy the game to its fullest. Some of the puzzles are challenging and will make you ponder their solution for a while. Others are simple and you will fly right through them. Overall there's no need to rush. The trophies are set up to allow you to enjoy the game. Make sure when you are in your father's study at the beginning of Episode 3 that you find and spin the globe to get the missable Globetrotters trophy.

Side note: It's best to record your solutions for future use, just in case you miss Globetrotters and need to go back through again. It will help speed up the process.

Step 2: Second playthrough (if needed):

If you missed the Globetrotters trophy you'll need to do another playthrough as there is no Episode Select. You'll only need to get to Episode 3. Once Episode 3 starts you can get the trophy right at the start. Hopefully you'll have your solutions written down to make this faster.

Side note: Use your sprint button at all times, even when crouching, to make the playthrough go by quicker.


[PST would like to thank Gunnerie for this Roadmap]

Adam's Venture: Chronicles (Original Version) Trophy Guide

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12 trophies ( 9  )

  • Finish the full game

    Story-related, cannot be missed.

    Complete the game.

  • Finish the first episode

    Story-related, cannot be missed.

    Complete Episode 1.

  • Finish the second episode

    Story-related, cannot be missed.

    Complete Episode 2.

  • Blow up the rocks

    Story-related, cannot be missed.

    At the start of the game you will come across the professor up the path standing by a pile of rocks to the left of the temple's door. Talking to him, he will ask you to retrieve some dynamite to remove the rocks. Go back down to the landing and on the left side is a workbench you can interact with. This is your first puzzle for the game.

    To get the dynamite you must first make it. By adding the correct mixtures together you will yield the sought-after item. There are four bins on top and two at the bottom. The three in the middle are the ones you'll need to work with to craft the dynamite. Each bin reduces the power mix by a certain percentage, while the chart to the left tells you what percentage each powder type needs to be at by the time it hits the bottom. Each drop will reduce the percentage, so much depends on which way you have the bins facing. I have these bins labelled by their percentages and going from left to right:

    1=50%, 2=100%, 3=25%

    Pull the lever on the right to mix the powder and retrieve the dynamite. Take the dynamite back to the rock pile and interact with it to place and light it. The trophy is yours.

  • Find the hidden key

    Story-related, cannot be missed.

    In Episode 1 you will come across a fork in the tunnel. The left and right paths will have water flowing down across them, and the center will be a locked gate. Take the path to the left first and you will find a post with writing that is turnable. You need to turn these pieces with writing on so that they align correctly. When done it should say:

    Everything can distract you.
    Look beyond the material world.
    Take a leap of faith.

    By aligning these correctly you'll receive a cut scene in which the water stops falling. You can now go back out to the main fork and relight your torch. Now take the right path and light the blazer that is there. The door in front of you will now open. Go inside and to the left to find the key laying on the floor. Pick it up for your trophy.

  • Solve the garden of eden puzzle

    Story-related, cannot be missed.

    The Garden of Eden puzzle is the final puzzle for Episode 1. By solving the seven mini-puzzles under the gates you've gained seven pieces needed to complete this larger puzzle. The puzzle itself is not too hard. You must move the two rings so they align correctly with the outer podiums.

    Once this is done you'll now need to correctly place the seven slabs onto the center stand. The slabs will match to the black symbols on the floor. Placing the final slab will start a cut scene and pop the trophy.

  • You are the master of ropes

    Story-related, cannot be missed.

    In Episode 2 you will need to get past a guard checkpoint. To do so you'll need to find the side path that leads off to the left. At the first corner of the path you will find a beam sticking off the side of a building, highlighted by green lights. Continue past this to an excavation site and go down into the site.

    On the first floor you'll want to light your torch. Continue down to the second floor and you will find a puzzle with 4 doors. Pulling the levers will open some doors while closing others.

    The solution for the doors are as follows:

    Use the levers from left to right: 3,2,1.

    Continue through the newly-opened doors, past the tombs to the archway on the left with the cobwebs blocking the path. Use your torch to burn them away. To your right will be the rope.

    Head back outside to the building with the beam and use the rope to climb up and over to meet up with Evelyn on the other side.

  • You're smarter than I thought

    Story-related, cannot be missed.

    In Episode 2 you will come to a puzzle inside of Solomon's Temple. This puzzle will comprise of pulling levers to make bridge sections move around so you can access different paths. There are five lever spots but only four levers. Levers are listed from left to right: 1,2,3,4,5.

    First objective: The missing lever.

    To access the missing lever which you can see highlighted by the green lights to the left, you will need to move the levers in the following order:

    Use the second lever to move the bridge section to the stone path.
    Use the first lever to move the bridge section one time.
    Use the third lever to move the bridge section to the stone path.

    Now cross these now-connected sections and get the lever. Return and place the lever into the fifth lever spot.

    Second objective: The path out.

    Use the newly installed fifth lever to move the bridge section to the stone path.
    Use the forth lever to move the bridge section one time.
    Use the third lever to move the bridge section two times.
    Use the second lever to move the bridge section once.

    All the sections should now be in the correct place and you will see the door is now opened. Continue across the newly-connected sections starting at lever five, and continue out the door. Your trophy will pop.

  • Ah...look a Book!

    Story-related, cannot be missed.

    Once you've passed through Solomon's throne room and solved a few more puzzles, you'll come to an area that's covered in moss and is nothing but a slim path leading to some spiral steps. But only half of the staircase in there currently. You will find a puzzle on the wall located to your right.

    This puzzle is like another one in the game, but it has coloured crystals you need to match together on the same wheel. To do so you need to rotate these wheels to place all the same colors together on each wheel with the same color center piece.

    To do so you'll need to look at the puzzle like this:

    D E B

    Each letter corresponds to a wheel.

    Now you'll need to turn each wheel so that your colors are all together. Here is the sequence for doing so starting from original positions:


    The staircase will now complete itself and you are free to continue to the top. Once there you will get a cutscene, and the trophy.

  • Spin that globe!

    Missable Trophy!!!

    At the start of Episode 3 you will be in your father's study with him. Once you have the ability to freely walk around the room, go to the globe located at the bottom of the screen. Interact with the globe for the trophy.

  • Little windmill, say it ain't so...

    Story-related, cannot be missed.

    In Episode 3, once you arrive at the professor's home, you will need to do an easy puzzle to get his package to the roof. Upon completion of this task the professor will ask you to help him out with another task before he will talk with you. While this task is not a hard one, a few of the puzzles will require some good mathematical skills.

    Your job is to help the professor fix all the windmills that are scattered across the rooftops. Evelyn will offer to help you out with this task to help get it done.

    Cross the rope to the left to get to the next rooftop. Follow the rooftop edges to the North to get to the first windmill. Here you will need to connect connectors so that the number you start with ends up being the number in the middle and then again at the end. To do so you'll need to add and subtract the numbers on the connectors to get to the desired sum.

    Windmill 1 solution:

    This will give you a cutscene showing a bridge to the North lowering. Head around the roof to the West then back North to reach the next windmill.

    Windmill 2 solution:

    Now where the birds were on the roof is a newly-opened path for you to jump across to the next rooftop. Use the rope on this roof to cross to the roof to the South (the lower rope is not needed.). From here use the gutter to the East to shimmy to the roof to the South. Evelyn will now call to you for some help. Cross the rooftops towards her and wait for her to lower the ladder. Climb up and help her solve the final windmill.

    Windmill 3 solution:

    A cutscene will now play showing you have all the windmills going, and the trophy is yours.

  • Winning!

    Story-related, cannot be missed.

    This trophy is awarded for completing the final puzzle in Episode 3. You must use the room to cage and stop the evil warmonger. While the puzzle itself may look hard it is fairly easy to solve. The controls on the right side of the room will control the disc selection and the disc rotation, while the controls on the left combine the discs and flip them. There is a 9x9 diagram on the right wall that corresponds to the 9x9 flooring. You are going to want to trap the sixth square the boss is standing on.

    To do so you must make the three hanging circles match the diagram for that floor space. By selecting the correct circle and deciding which way to rotate and flip it will make them match when all the circles are combined.

    Control Layout:
    Flipping control____________Disc select control
    Combine control___Bridge___Rotate control

    During the time you are flipping and rotating, the bridge in the middle will get pelted with falling rocks. You will go from running across it, to jumping across it, to shimmying across it. The more you do this, the more will be demolished.

    Once you have all three circles set up, hit the combine lever to capture the boss. This will pop the trophy as well as the Fully Ventured trophy.

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