The Corporation Trophy in Actual Sunlight

  • The Corporation


    Speak to Troy, Natasha and Elisa

    How to unlock The Corporation

    In order to earn this trophy, you will need to speak to three different characters at work: Natasha, Troy, and Elisa. All of these characters will be found in the bottom left room. Natasha will be in the top left the first time you go to work (make sure that you talk to her since she will not appear again), Troy will be in the bottom left, and Elise will appear in the top left the second time that you go to work. The trophy should unlock after speaking with all three characters once. If the trophy does not unlock after talking to all three of these characters, try talking to Troy again, and the trophy should unlock.

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  • After all talked with all three characters i didn't get the trophy. I'd to talk again with Troy and then the trophy popped.
  • I got it when you went back to work years later and talk to Troy

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