• Estimated trophy difficulty: 8/10 (Personal Estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 30 (18, 4, 7, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 60+ hours (Personal Estimate)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 4, one on each difficulty
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


Welcome to Ace Combat 5, a port of the classic PlayStation 2 Ace Combat game. The plot of the game involves you being Blaze, a member of the Wardog fighter squadron for the country of Osea. Many of the game's missions put you on the front-lines its war with the neighbouring country of Yuktobania as you and your squadron go from unknown rookies to world-famous fighter pilot aces. Along the way you discover evidence of a secret plot behind the war and deal with several super-weapons that could change the tide of the war.

One of the most important things to remember when starting this game is that it is a port of a 2004 game so there is no auto save, therefore you must use the "SAVE" option before quitting the game each time or else any progress you've made will be gone!

Trophy-wise, many of this games' trophies are simply tied to the in-game medals that were in the PS2 version of the game. So if you played the original game and achieved 100% completion on it, you would have completed most of the requirements and just need to accomplish it again. This also being the case, every trophy (except for the tutorial and arcade trophies) only pops during the mission stats screen when the game displays the message that you earned an in-game medal.


Step 1: Complete the game on NORMAL while achieving S ranks
Select New Game and complete all the missions on NORMAL. You could also do it on HARD but it's not advised as machine gun ammo is unlimited on NORMAL so it's easier to aim specifically for those kills in this mode without worrying about ammo. It's also not advised to play on EASY or VERY EASY as neither are required for trophies and you would just be adding another playthrough through this lengthy campaign.

While going through this playthrough, aim to get an S rank on all 29 missions you play through as well as obtaining three of the pieces to the ADFX-01 Falken (More on that in ACE WING). Also aim to get kills using your machine gun as stated above as well as getting some of the miscellaneous medals as well.

Also make sure to complete the tutorial from the main menu during this step to get this trophy out of the way.

During this step you will earn:


Step 2: Play first four missions on HARD with S ranks

After completing your first playthrough, select "SP new game" and then select HARD (NORMAL/EXPERT if you chose to play on HARD in step one). Doing so will allow you to purchase aircraft again which is vital for buying some of the later aircraft of those unlocked though some of the planes' progression trees.

Step 3: Get S ranks on all missions on NORMAL, HARD, EXPERT and ACE from Free Mission

This is where most of your time to get this platinum will be spent. First play through the 3 alternate missions you missed from your first playthrough (Missions 11, 12 and 16). Then complete all 32 missions with S ranks on the remaining three difficulties. This will be the true test of your skills as a few of the missions have demanding S rank requirements or are very difficult to beat on EXPERT and ACE without the Falken due to the low amount of damage you can take.

You must also pay attention to defeat all 16 named aircraft during these playthroughs as they were not available in your first playthrough.

During this step you will earn:


Step 4: Get SSS rank in Arcade

You can complete this mode whenever you wish as it is unlocked from the start and has no prerequisites. If you fail to achieve SSS rank in one playthrough of this mode, you will need another, each of which takes around an 30 minutes to an hour

During this step you will earn:


[PST Would Like To Thank HellSpawn137 for this Roadmap]

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War Trophy Guide

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30 trophies ( 18  )

  • Obtain all trophies and become a true ace pilot!

    Earn all other trophies in this game and show everyone else that you truly are one of the Demons of Razgriz.

  • Complete all missions on ACE difficulty with an S-rank.

    ACE difficulty is the hardest difficulty within the game and infamous if you have played any of the other Ace Combat Games. Functionally it is the same as all the other difficulties, in terms of gameplay and S rank requirements, but where it differs is that if you take even a small amount of damage you'll be as good as dead (1 missile is insta-kill and around 5 machine gun hits on you is certain death). Also important to note: wingmen kills also add to your score so don't think you need to kill hog, set them on attack or disperse with special weapons allowed to maximize your effectiveness.

    If you are having trouble completing some missions, unlock and save up to buy the ADFX-01 Falken. It costs 897,000 credits so it takes a lot to pay for (around 1 and a half to 2 full playthroughs of getting all S ranks will get you that much). It may seem like a normal airplane but it's special weapon is a Tactical Laser (TLS) that will basically insta-kill anything it touches that is unfortunate enough to be in front of your plane and under 10,000 m. away. This weapon will trivialize some of the more tough missions to complete without taking much damage (like White Bird Part II) if used correctly. To unlock it you must destroy the Hangars in five separate missions. Once you have destroyed one your AWACS will say "mechanical parts discovered in destroyed enemy facility. Let's ask the ground forces to retrieve them later". You will also get a notification saying you have acquired a part of an enemy experimental plane on the mission stats screen. After destroying all 5, the Falken will be available for purchase.

    Falken Locations:

    • Mission 12A: "Powder Keg" - Follow the river you start near to the point where it forks into different paths. Follow it directly to the east and it will be near the boundary. Once you get near it, it will appear on radar as well as a MiG-29A
    • Mission 12B: "Four Horsemen" - After penetrating the radar network it will be within the enemy base, directly next to the SAM sitting by itself. It will appear on radar after destroying a few of the ground targets but you can destroy it witch machine guns before it appears on radar
    • Mission 16A: "Desert Arrow" - In between the enemy's field HQ and the air strip. When flying in between the two it will appear on radar sitting all by itself.
    • Mission 16B: "Desert Lightning" - In between the enemy's airfield and oil refinery. When flying between the the two it will appear on radar sitting alone near the bank of the river
    • Mission 27: "Aces" - Marked from the start sitting next to the two tanks stationed on the far bridge, quite difficult to miss.

    While the Falken is not required for S ranks, it makes missions much quicker and easier, however the below scores are what's required for the S rank in each mission and the tips are assuming you are using standard aircraft. Also aim for the named aircraft in every mission they are available (see GRAND FALCON for more details) as they can be treated as free points which definitely helps in obtaining S ranks.

    Mission 1, "Shorebirds": 1,700 score
    All you need to do is shoot down two waves of fighters to achieve the necessary points.

    Mission 2, "Open War:": 1,250 score
    Basically unmissable, the mission is to shoot down all air targets so you will obtain this regardless.

    Mission 3, "Narrow Margin": 9,400 score
    Destroying all planes in the first phase will net you around 3,800 to 4,080 point max. In the second phase, destroy the MIR-2000D, the Nimrods, and the two F-4E's before turning your focus to the ships. If you are still way under the point limit, leave one ship (not missile boats as they are non-critical) and wait for the second flight of F-4E Phantoms to make it to you for extra points.

    Mission 4, "First Flight": 10,000 score
    In all three phases, make sure to destroy all escort fighters before destroying the bombers (TGT) to avoid advancing the phase too quickly, especially in the third phase, to get enough points for this S rank.

    Mission 5, "Rendezvous": Complete in under 9 min 30 sec
    Use a plane with high speed in order to take out all targets within the time limit as they are all mission critical. XMAA's definitely help with some of the further away targets however they are not needed as long as your airplane is fast enough.

    Mission 6: "White Bird (Part I)" - 10,000 score
    In the first part of this mission, aim for many of the C-130's as each of them nets 800 points upon destruction, but do not forget to destroy the tanks too or else you will fail the mission. In the second phase, aim for the B-2A's while shooting down some of the missiles as each missile is only 100 points, while the bombers are worth way more. If you need more points, destroy some fighters straggling around before the STO launches.

    Mission 7: "Front Line" - 17,000 score
    The ships during the first half of the mission will be the main source of your early points. If you are far away from the point total when you are battling the Scinfaxi, aim mainly for the aircraft it launches as well as the SAMs and AA guns on it for extra points as you do not get credit for destroying them when the sub goes down unlike standard ships.

    Mission 8: "Handful of Hope" - 3,600 score
    After guiding the transport plane through the radar network, you need to destroy around 10 planes, which shouldn't be that difficult to accomplish. If you manage less than this many kills, the windmills also add to your score and help you to the S rank.

    Mission 9: "Lit Fuse" - 8,000 score
    Your main target in this mission is ground targets, which do not give many points upon destruction so your main source of points will be from aircraft. Make sure to shoot down any F-4X's, A-10A's and TND GR-1's in between ground targets becoming available to get enough points.

    Mission 10: "Blind Spot" - 13,000 score
    To reach S rank score here all you will need to do is shoot down the fighter escorts before downing all of the jammers and transports.

    Mission 11A: "Chain Reaction" - Complete in under 8 min
    Choose a high-speed plane with favourable special weaponry as they will save you time instead of just using missiles and guns. Shoot down the fighters as quickly as possible then turn and fly back to the airport. Focus solely on the C-5’s on the ground as well as the tanks. After all ground targets were destroyed, turn your attention to the new planes that spawned in, hopefully your wingmen hurt/destroyed some of them.

    Mission 11B: "Reprisal" - Complete in under 10 min
    Switch to special weapons immediately and right away aim your UGB circle on the most yellow part of the smoke trails on the ground. You are going for as many as you can in one run so don’t be afraid to fly slowly. After this you will need to sit idly for about 5 minutes while the car chase happens, after which you will need to down 8 helicopters with your machine guns to complete the mission, so stay near the car so you can get to them quickly.

    Mission 12A: "Powder Keg" - 10,000 score
    As you are going through the level, pick off any and every non target and aircraft whilst also taking out all but one target. If you still need more points with only one target remaining, either attack the Falken hangar or try to destroy some of the SAMs in the jungle with your machine guns (they are about 100 a piece).

    Mission 12B: "Four Horsemen" - 15,000 score
    After penetrating the radar network, destroy all of the transport planes and a few of the marked targets to get all of the ground targets on radar. Now destroy all aircraft and non-targets before mopping up the remaining targets.

    Mission 13: "Demons of Razgriz" - 6,700 score
    This mission is tricky because if you use certain special weapons (GPB for example) you can damage it too quickly for you to get the necessary points. Destroy one/two subs on your way to the Hrimfaxi and the supply sub after damaging it. Always shoot for the UAV’s and subs that spawn. The sub itself is worth 2,000 points so when you are within range where that will get you S rank, turn most of you attention to the Hrimfaxi and its AA defenses; it will stop launching planes once you've made it reach around half health.

    Mission 14: "Ice Cage" - Complete in under 11 min
    Fly completely straight in the direction you start the mission in to find your first group of fighters. Then head in that same direction after downing them to find the next flight of five, after which the final flight of five fighters will be at the bottom of the map in the center (they will briefly appear on radar). After this try to mop up the AA defenses as quickly as possible then shadow the helicopter. Once it gets far enough, destroy the 6 new targets and then just wait out the dialogue.

    Mission 15: "White Noise" - 8,000 score
    Destroy the first group of fighters and then turn all of your focus to finding Nagase. Destroy the jammer that spawns in when you get close to her then actually find her ASAP. Then destroy all of the AA defenses near sea goblin and then just start destroying any fighters in the area. By the time the helicopter makes it to her, you should have well over the required amount of points.

    Mission 16A: "Desert Arrow" - 21,500 score
    It is easy to get above the S rank score before the mission update if you know how the enemy will attack. They attack in a zig-zag pattern (first the North group, then the South) so respond in that order. Destroy as many ground targets as possible in the airstrip and field HQ to boost your score but don't waste all you ammo on them. Destroy the fighters flying with the AWACS if you are still in need of extra points.

    Mission 16B: "Desert Lightning" - 24,000 score
    It is easy to get above the S rank score before the mission update if you know how the enemy will attack. They attack in a zig-zag pattern (first the North group, then the South) so respond in that order. Destroy as many ground targets as possible in the airstrip and oil refinery to boost your score but don't waste all you ammo on them. There are two fighters flying with the battleship formation so pick them off as well if you need more points.

    Mission 17: "Journey Home" - 23,000 score
    The goal here is for you and your wingmen to destroy as many aircraft as possible as quickly as possible, as this is largely a time based mission. You will have nearly enough points by the time the stealth fighters spawn in if you destroyed all other planes beforehand. If you have under 20,000 after the cutscene, consider restarting as this phase is very short and you will need to hurry to get enough points here.

    Mission 18: "Fortress" - 11,000 score
    Destroying all of the ground targets gets you nearly enough score for S rank so just pick off some of the fighters while hitting the ground forces and you will get this easily.

    Mission 18+: "8492" - 11,800 score
    To get S rank here, you simply need to shoot down all planes in the area. This is no easy task but just ignore your wingmen's suggestions to flee the area.

    Mission 19: "Final Option" - Complete the mission, given automatically

    Mission 20: "Ancient Walls" - 14,000 score
    During this mission take out the tanks and AA defenses as soon as they spawn as they spawn infinitely and are a good source of points, but more will not spawn in unless you destroy the ones already there. Down all fighters as they spawn for extra points. Hold off destroying the wall if you are seriously under the limit and pick off some more fighters but know that stealth fighters will spawn after taking it down so you don’t need to reach that score before taking down the wall.

    Mission 21: "Solitaire" - Complete in under 6 min
    Choose a plane with high speed and manoeuvrability and fly at nearly top speed around the radar circles at low altitude. Once through, use your special to take a picture with all 3 marked targets in one frame. After that, get both planes that show up in one picture. If done correctly the game will say mission update and then immediately fly to the dotted line due East, no need to wait for Pops to say the picture was good first.

    Mission 22: "Closure" - 17,700 score
    Destroy all non-target ground troops as well as aircraft en route to the mine entrance. Once at the base do much of the same, attack ground targets (more will appear the more you destroy) and aircraft. Once you have over the target number of points, then focus all fire on the mine entrance.

    Mission 23: "Ghost of Razgriz" - Complete in under 15 min
    Destroying the initial targets is no problem, you can do it in 4-6 minutes depending on the route you take. The main time sink here is the second phase, destroying the Ofnir fighters as their path takes many sharp turns and thus avoids many missiles you fired. Follow them until they fly mostly straight so a missile can hit them, or you can try with machine guns if you get close enough but this will probably take more time than using standard/special missiles to do the job.

    Mission 24: "White Bird (Part II)" - Complete in under 7 min
    This is one of the hardest S ranks in the game to pull off due to the strict time limit. The key to this mission is destroying all 5 five engines so do that as soon as they become available to save time. Use time between the engines becoming available to destroy pieces on the Arkbird as well as the UAV's, (the launchers are the first things targetable and if you destroy them it will stop launching UAV's). Obviously a plane with high speed is a must here.

    Mission 25: "Heartbreak One" - Complete in under 15 min
    Every time you are asked about a shortcut or long route, choose the shortcut to save on time. Every time a checkpoint (TGT) becomes available, destroy it ASAP. Doing this should give you enough time to dogfight with Grabacr without worrying about time. If you are having trouble, set you wingmen to cover and speed away. Once you are far enough away, turn around and you will get to shoot at Garbacr head on destroying one if using missiles, all if using XMAA's.

    Mission 26: "Sea of Chaos" - Complete in under 9 min
    The limited aircraft selection actually works in your favor here, choose the F/A 18C Hornet, mainly for its LASM special weapons. Destroy the carriers ASAP to limit planes spawning and then use LASM's to destroy ships further away while using machine guns and some missiles to eliminate closer ships. Try and save ammo and time for the final part of the mission fighting against Typhoons, SU-47's, and F/A-22A's, all of which are more manoeuvrable than your Hornet.

    Mission 27: "Aces" - 15,000 score
    Aim for the air targets mostly of all as some of the cutscenes showing you allies advancing can actually despawn some of the planes as well as any missiles you have fired if you clear out certain ground targets. Destroying all ground targets, non-target ground troops and aircraft should net you around 12,860 (more if you destroyed the infinitely spawning SU-47's to the north) before the tunnel is opened. The target in the tunnel is worth 2,000 points so you can use the SU-47's in the second half of the tunnel to get yourself over the point threshold. XMAA's help tremendously if you are severely lacking points as the second group of planes cannot be fully defeated without them.

    Mission 27+: "The Unsung War" - Complete in under 20 min
    Speed to the SOLG descent site ASAP to give yourself the most time to deal with the flight of 8 aces. Using XMAA's can take out a few of them immediately making your job easier so you don't need to dogfight all 8 X-02's. Destroying the SOLG is simple enough, just beware of parts shot off it as they can kill you if you hit them.

  • Defend the Kestrel and its fleet.

    Mission 3: "Narrow Margin". This is awarded for completing the mission without the Kestrel or any of its four support ships sinking. You will have most likely gotten this on your first run of the mission as these ships are very tough and take a lot of damage. If for some reason you haven't gotten this on the first try, then play the first phase as you normally would. Once in the second phase, destroy the Nimrods, frigates and the one destroyer as soon as the phase starts and you will complete the mission and get this trophy.

  • Destroy 1000 enemy targets.

    You will get this naturally from playing the game and it will most likely pop towards the end of your first playthrough but if not, it will pop early on in your second playthrough.

  • Complete all missions on EXPERT difficulty with an S-rank.

    See ACE WING for S rank scores and tips as the requirements are the same.

    EXPERT is identical to ACE except your plane can take more damage before crashing (around 7-8 bullets, one missile is still an instant kill though).

  • Destroy 50 enemy aircraft using only machine guns.

    In order for kills to count for this trophy, the enemy aircraft must go from undamaged (white marker) to "destroyed" without your wingmen harming them or without you shooting them with missiles.

    The best place to get these kills is Mission 2: "Open War", as the 8 UAV’s count for this trophy and they fly in a straight line and can only take 2 bullets before going down so it is 8 free machine gun kills per run. Other good places are the MiG-21BIS Fishbeds in this mission and Mission 1 and the A-6E Intruders in mission 3 as they are all aircraft with poor manoeuvrability and can only withstand little damage. Any machine gun only kills count for this though and it is recommended you try to get as many machine gun kills on your NORMAL playthrough to avoid having to grind these out later.

  • Complete Arcade Mode with an SSS rank.

    Arcade is the other option available from the main menu and it basically a 6 level (7 if you count the landing/refueling mission) gauntlet. You receive points based on what type of enemy you destroy as well as how much time is remaining. You gain 20 seconds for each enemy you kill so you must try kill enemies in rapid succession to maximize your chance of getting SSS rank at the end of the playthrough. It may be more appealing to find a higher value target instead of a MiG-21BIS but since they're easier to kill, you're better off taking the low value kill and moving on with more time to spare.

    I’ve found that level 4 (take the bottom path at both forks) is the easiest for obtaining this rank due to there being higher valued targets than other paths and the air refuelling gives more time points than the ground landing. SSS rank is possible through any of the four paths but path four gives the most room for error whilst still allowing you a chance to get the 150,000 points needed for this rank.

  • Complete all missions.

    To get this trophy you must complete all 32 unique missions in the campaign. You will complete 29 of them through normal story progression so after you complete it, select the remaining three mission alternates you haven't completed from Free Mission.

  • Destroy 500 enemy targets.

    You will get this naturally during your first playthrough of the game and it will likely pop somewhere near the middle of the playthrough.

  • Complete all missions on HARD difficulty with an S-rank.

    See ACE WING for S rank scores and tips as the requirements are the same.

    HARD is identical to EXTREME and ACE except that you plane can take more damage before crashing (around 10-12 machine gun bullets, you can actually survive a missile hit at full health too).

  • Destroy 15 enemy aircraft using only machine guns.

    See GOLD SHOOTER for more information.

  • Complete one of the routes in Arcade Mode.

    See RIBBON for more information.

    Just complete one arcade playthrough and this trophy is yours.

  • Destroy 200 enemy targets.

    You will get this naturally throughout your playthrough, it will likely pop after the first 10 or so missions.

  • Complete all missions on NORMAL difficulty with an S-rank.

    See ACE WING for S rank scores and tips as the requirements are the same.

    NORMAL is identical to HARD, EXTREME and ACE except that you plane can take more damage before crashing (many machine gun bullets and you can take around 3 missile hits before crashing). In addition to this, your machine gun ammo is also unlimited in this difficulty.

  • Destroy 5 enemy aircraft using only machine guns.

    See GOLD SHOOTER for more information.

  • Earn the highest rating in all landing and refueling missions.

    You will need to earn the "perfect" dialogue on all of the landing and refueling sections to achieve this (do not press or else you will skip these). To get this dialogue, you will need to complete any landing mission in under 40 seconds and refueling missions in under 20 seconds. The trick to refuelling missions is to line up with the back of the plane then speed there and slow down and don't move for 1-2 seconds once it says "Hold Position". For landing missions, speed toward the runway and once you get over the tip of the runway, hammer the brakes and try to stall right as you touch down on the ground. The missions that have these are:

    Mission 4: "First Flight" - Ground Landing
    Mission 13: "Demons of Razgriz" - Air Refueling
    Mission 16A: "Desert Arrow" & Mission 16B: "Desert Lightning" - Ground Landing
    Mission 18: "Fortress" - Air Refueling
    Mission 20: "Ancient Walls" - Carrier Landing
    Mission 21: "Solitaire" - Ground Landing
    Mission 26: "Sea of Chaos" - Carrier Landing

  • Shoot down 10 enemy aircraft with a missile lock on your wingmen.

    You need to shoot down 10 enemies behind your wingmen as they will count to have a lock-on. They can also have a lock-on if they are flying head on at your wingmen too. You will get this naturally after the first few missions without much effort.

  • Destroy all named aircraft in one mission.

    The description for this trophy is wrong, you need to shoot down all named aircraft in the entire campaign. If you have unlocked the plane each of these pilots fly, you can tell if you have shot them down as you will have unlocked a unique "SP" camo for the plane, only if they were shot down after unlocking the aircraft. It is important to note that they will not appear during your first play through but will appear through Free Mission or on subsequent playthroughs through "SP new game".

    • Mission 1: "Shorebirds" - Hawk GIGANTOR. Appears over the third wave of fighters if you have destroyed the majority of the first two waves personally.
    • Mission 3: "Narrow Margin" - F-14D ZIPANG. Appears from the west after all Nimrods, Missile boats and one wave of F-4E's are destroyed.
    • Mission 4: "First Flight" - F-4G MINDRIPPER. Appears from the north during the first phase after two F-4E’s and one B-1B are destroyed.
    • Mission 6: "White Bird (Part I)" - MIR-2000D ZAHARADA. Appears on the map after both F-16C's and both F-20A's are destroyed.
    • Mission 10: "Blind Spot" - EA-6B DUNE. Appears in the south eastern corner of the map after all E-676's are shot down and the 8492nd squadron speaks over the radio.
    • Mission 15: "White Noise" - X-29A DAREDEVIL. Appears near you after the E-767 jammer is shot down.
    • Mission 16A: "Desert Arrow" - MiG-31M COSM. Appears with the AWACS after the mission update.
    • Mission 16B: "Desert Lightning" - EA-18G ABELCAIN. Appears to the west after the A-10A and TND-GR 4 have been shot down above the battleship.
    • Mission 17: "Journey Home" - FB-22 PROTEUS. Appears next to the first flight of four fighters after the cutscene plays.
    • Mission 18: "Fortress" - F-2A CYPHER. Appears to the north of the fortress after all SU-27's have been shot down.
    • Mission 18+: "8492" - TND-ECR TWICEDEAD. Appears to the south-east after there is only one to two more targets remaining.
    • Mission 23: "Ghosts of Razgriz" - MiG-21-93 SWORDKILL. Appears from the same eastern entrance you spawned in from after only 3 gunboats/helicopters are remaining.
    • Mission 25: "Heartbreak One" - YA-10B DISTANTTHUNDER. Appears to the north-west after the Grabacr planes spawn in.
    • Mission 26: "Sea of Chaos" - Rafale B DECODER. Appears nearby after all naval targets are sunk.
    • Mission 27: "Aces" - SU-37 YELLOW. Appears during the last part of the tunnel flight beside the two SU-47's
    • Mission 27+: "The Unsung War" - MiG-1.44 REPLICATOR. Will appear from the east and will fly at you at full speed if you destroy all Ofnir/Grabacr planes before the countdown on the SOLG is under 1 minute.
  • Provide close air support to ground forces and keep casualties to a minimum.

    This trophy is awarded during Mission 9: "Lit Fuse" if all eight tanks survive the mission. Make sure to destroy the bunkers as soon as they become available to avoid any tanks from being destroyed. These tanks can take a lot of gunfire from the bunkers so it's not easy to miss this trophy but make sure to destroy the bunkers ASAP to avoid any chance of them being destroyed.

  • Contribute to ground operations and keep friendly forces' casualties to a minimum.

    This trophy is awarded for obtaining 20,000 points before the mission update without over 3 allied aircraft being shot down in Mission 16A: "Desert Arrow" or obtaining 22,000 points before the mission update in Mission 16B: "Desert Lightning".

  • Complete your first mission.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    Complete Mission 1: "Shorebirds".

  • Help Grimm take to the air safely.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    Complete Mission 4: "First Flight".

  • Help the Mass Driver successfully launch the SSTO.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    Complete Mission 6: "White Bird (Part I)".

  • Sink the Hrimfaxi.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    Complete Mission 13: "Demons of Razgriz".

  • Perform a memorial flyby over the stadium.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    Complete Mission 17: "Journey Home".

  • Rescue President Harling.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    Complete Mission 20: "Ancient Walls".

  • Destroy all of the Ofnir Squadron's fighters.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    Complete Mission 23: "Ghosts of Razgriz".

  • Destroy all of the Grabacr Squadron's fighters.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    Complete Mission 25: "Heartbreak One".

  • Prevent the SOLG from crashing into the capital.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    Complete Mission 27+: "The Unsung War".

  • Complete all tutorials.

    Tutorials are one of the options available from the main campaign menu under the "New Game" option. You can do these at any point in time but it will be very boring for anyone with a grasp on the basic controls in the game. The trophy will be awarded after finishing the final tutorial (which will be locked until every tutorial above it has a completion check mark).

    Very important: This must be done in one sitting. If you exit the game, your progress may reset and you will have to play through all of the tutorials again that you have already completed.

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