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    Unlock all character story lines on any difficulty.

    On the main menu there is an option "Extra Story." In here are 8 different stories that pertain to different characters. In order they are; Prologue, Suguri, Saki, Iru, Kae, Nanako, Kyoko and Sora. To get each story you need to play through Arcade Standard Mode with that character but without continuing. You can do this on any difficulty and if you choose Easy difficulty you can skip two additional fights.

    To unlock Sora as a playable character you must play Arcade Standard on Normal or Hard difficult and defeat her. To reach her you must first play through the game (any difficulty) and defeat Hime on the Moonlight level. To reach Hime on the Moonlight level you cannot continue and your average rank must be at least an A. Once you reach Hime, defeat her to unlock her as a playable character. Now playing on Normal or Hard difficulty, do the exact same thing but after defeating Hime (on the Moonlight stage) you will fight Sora. Defeat Sora to unlock her as a playable character.

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  • Pretty easy one
  • For those having trouble on this one, play with Saki on easy. Learn to use her L1+O grenade throw move effectively, and you should be able to get enough A and S ranks to fight Hime. Now that you've learned how to handle Saki, play through Pudding Deity on Easy without continuing. That should unlock two new characters and some stages. Now play through Falling Wonder on Easy without continuing, relying on Suguri's L1+O and Hime's L1+X chain combo. Now you should have every character but Sora unlocked, not to mention all the stages. Go to standard arcade mode on Normal, and play as QP. Stay off to one side and spam O until your opponent is dead. You should get mostly S and A ranks this way, and you'll finally get to face Sora. Take her down, then move on to the last fight. Win or lose thi
  • And it cut me off. As I was saying... Win or lose this last round, as long as you didn't use any continues, you've got Sora as well. For the record, the reason for going through both Falling Wonder and Pudding Deity is because of the stage unlocks. I tried the QP route on normal before getting the Falling Wonder stages, but Sora never showed up despite a perfect S rank Normal run.

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