Like A Drum Trophy

  • Like A Drum


    Land a 30 hit combo or higher in Arcade Mode.

    Land a combo of 30 hits or more, there are a few ways to do this. First be sure to set the difficulty on Easy. Below are a few combos that I have managed to get 30 hits with and while they can be done on any enemy, I've found Kyoko is easiest to hit as she's slower then others and doesn't use her dash as much.

    Iru's + has slight homing abilities and when they hit something they make a small explosion which stays for a while, you can spam these and sometimes manage 30 hits.

    Iru's + throws out mines which have an electrical field, if you can box your opponent in on the the wall you can manage 30 hits.

    Saki's ++ (do not have a level 3 charge) throws out a giant orb which circles around before dissapearing. If you can corner your opponent with that you can manage 30 hits.

    Hime's + > + > + is a combo that hits a maximum of 16 times and can be repeated for 30+ hits.

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