HI SCORE Player Trophy in ACA NeoGeo Alpha Mission II

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    The score has been posted to the online rankings in the "HI SCORE MODE".

    How to unlock HI SCORE Player


    Note: While playing Hi Score Mode, you can't pause the game as pressing the will bring up an options menu but you will lose all progress on the current play through and will have to start again.

    For this trophy you will have to play the game in HI Score Mode. In this version of the game save games, 2 player and the option to alter difficulty and player lives has been removed.

    The score you need to beat is 150,000, this can be a little tricky, depending on your skill with these type of game it may take a few or it may take a few more, attempts to get the score required . Below are some game tips:

    *A TYPE - At the start of the game you are given the option for A TYPE or B TYPE controls, pick A TYPE as B TYPE means you will have separate buttons for missiles and lasers. A TYPE will fire both at the same time which is a lot easier as there is enemies in the air and on the ground.

    *Power up System - is very important, the table below shows what each icon means:

    - S, L and M are your friends. Shooting slow falling diamond shaped boxes will spawn these power ups. At the very start of Area 1 these are the only things that will appear on your screen giving you a chance to upgrade before you get started.

    - You can "juggle" the power ups in the sir by shooting them and doing this will change what the power up is.

    - You will want an even spread of missiles, laser and speed to make the ship competitive, don't just focus on lasers, you will need missiles too.

    - Avoid the backwards S, L and the upside down M (or W) as these will power down the ship.

    - G is gold. You need gold to purchase Armor Upgrades at the end of each area. Pick these up when ever you can.

    - E will replenish some of your energy when you have an armor upgrade active.

    *Armor - Armor is a series of special weapons that can be collected and activated by pressing . They can also be purchased at the end of each area.

    - A full list of Armor upgrades can be found in the games digital manual, under the options menu by pressing .

    - You will start the game with one default armor special weapon, LASER. Additional armor weapons can be added by collecting 3 of the same icon that appear on screen so collect 3 SHIELDS and SHIELDS will be added to your special weapons. For example: You collect 2 SHIELDS then 1 BLACKHOLE, the 2 SHIELDS will be null and void and the collection would have reset to 1 for the BLACKHOLE so it is best to pick one upgrade and only collect that.

    - Save using your Armor special weapons until the boss fights at the end of level 1 and level 2. These are the hardest points of the game on your way to 150k points.

    *SHIELDS - These are the best Armor upgrade to collect, they will protect you. Remember to collect the E icons as this will replenish some of your shield energy.

    - At the end of Area 2 use your gold to purchase SHIELDS armor upgrade, then use it not too long into Area 3. You should be close to 150k points at this stage.

    Below is a video showing HI SCORE MODE played to 150,000:


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