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  • Score 300,000 points


    The score won 300,000 points

    For this trophy you will have to reach a score of 300,000 points while playing Original Mode. You do have the ability to alter the difficulty and the amount of lives you start with to 99, you will need a lot of them as the game seems to take great pride in killing you regularly.

    To lower the difficulty of the game, press the after selecting a Original Mode game to bring up the Options Menu. Select "Game Settings". Set the difficulty to LEVEL 1 and number of players to 99, this gives you 99 lives. You might also want to adjust the TIME SETTINGS to 10 as this will give you more time at the end of levels to select your Armor options for the next level, there will be quite a few options to scroll through at the end of each level so the more time you give yourself the better.

    Now you have set the game to the optimal setting to give yourself the best chance to get the score needed in one play through. Having 99 lives means you can just enjoy playing the game without worrying too much about how many times you die.

    You will bring up a score of 100,000 around the start of Area 2, 200,000 around the end of Area 2 and 300,000 towards the start of Area 4.

    Use this play through to get used to the game, how the power up and armor system works, and the selection screen at the end of each area.

    I have included some gameplay tips under HI SCORE Player and below is a playthrough of Original Mode to 300,000 points:

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