Score 200,000 points Trophy

  • Score 200,000 points


    The score won 200,000 points

    In order to unlock this, and the trophies above it, you will need to achieve a score of at least 200,000 points or more. This can prove to be a bit challenging compared to later games in the series, even if the difficulty is set to level 1, as the AI packs up more of a challenge than usual. You should make interrupt saves every time you complete a round or a match, as continuing will reset your score completely, unlike in the Fatal Fury games.

    When going for these trophies, you will be landing attacks such as normals, specials, and supers, to earn points during the match. You can also earn more points from the results screen at the end of each match, the value of which is determined depending on the following factors.

    • Life
    • Time
    • Perfect

    These factors are self-explanatory, "Life" is determined by how much health you have left by the end of the match, "Time" is determined by the time it took for you to complete the match, and "Perfect" will net you 10,000 points for every round you have perfected, for a total of 30,000 points if you achieved three perfect victories total in all three rounds. Be sure to go for obtaining as many perfect victories as you can to make the process of unlocking these trophies faster.

    My personal recommendation when going for these trophies is to use the Korea team with Kim and Chang as your first two characters set in your team's order, as Kim's (charge) and Chang's +/ (charge) +/ attacks prove beneficial when attacking an opponent in anti-air or full screen situations, respectively, for those two characters.

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