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    Add all secret shells to your collection.

    The secret shells are found in chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and one in the credits

    There are a total of 19 secret shells that can be found scattered throughout the game. To find these you will need to carefully explore each and every area that you come across. The secret shells will look like a white glowing seashell. It’s fairly big also so if you happen to run across one of them you will notice it. Once you’ve found one of the seashells you will need to press in order to interact with it and obtain it. After you have collected all of the seashells you will get a new diving suit, but you will have to find a certain door located at various points throughout the game that tracks the shells that you have found and interact with it in order to obtain it.

    Refer to the video below for more help on finding all of the secret shells:

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  • Hardest trophy in this game. Watch for the white glowing shells. Some are hidden really well behind the rock or in the darkness of the bottom. I was stuck on the second one in chapter 4. SPOILER CHAPTER 4,SPOILER CHAPTER 4,SPOILER CHAPTER 4 When you save black shark from under the rock. There is dark passage and this shell is like 50m away from the point with shark and it is a bit above your swimming line which you are supposed to go (like I said, its glowing)
  • In the chapters you will find rooms with walls with pictures. These walls will have pictures signifying the levels. In this wall there are holes if you found the seashell the hole is filed with the shell. They are in every level. The one on Chapter one is in the room. After the portal on the left

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