Arctic Explorer Trophy in Abzu

  • Arctic Explorer


    Discover the polar region.

    How to unlock Arctic Explorer

    This trophy is obtained during Chapter 7.

    This trophy will be obtained near the end of the game at the area where you are able to ride the blue whales. Once you get to this area, turn left and you will see a little piece of ice. Swim over towards it and climb on top of the piece of ice. Collect the secret shell on the ice and your trophy will unlock.

    Refer to the video below for the location of the polar region:

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  • Same location as the Blue Whales. Once you reach the area there is finish point where are you supposed to go. So dont go there and turn left and even little back behind the outcoming cave. Jump out of the water if you need to and you should see a little glacier with penguins on it. You should know what to do with it from Chapter 6, so do it and watch the great beast more closely (I dont want to spoil here wnything from game, so...).
  • Hey I can see you have the golden suit from the end game. But I doesn't look like you get to keep it on a new playthrough. Can you change suits somewhere like in Journey or anything else??
  • Here's a guide:

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