Kraken Trophy in Abzu

  • Kraken


    Discover those that lurk in the abyss.

    How to unlock Kraken

    This trophy can be obtained in Chapters 4 or 7

    This trophy requires you to discover a kraken. During your playthrough of the game you will come across a few of these. All you have to do is ride one of them so that it registers and your trophy will pop afterwards. You can also find them at the end of the game while you're swimming with the Great White Shark.

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  • Chapter 4 (also maybe in 7). Once you reach the bottom of all bottoms, they are hard to miss since they are big as nothing around (Giant Squids). They are just before the last "Zen place" where you are putting the "seeds". Reach them and hold L2 to swim on them.
  • The Giant Squid is no where to be found in chapter 7.
  • The giant squid CAN be found in chapter 7 just before you get to the last open area. You release them in the room with 6 smaller triangles to destroy, where one of them is above the water line.
  • You do not actually have to swim ON them. I’ve been oressing L2 and nothing... I got the trophy by simply swimming WITH them. This is at the next area after helping/saving the trapped Great White... enter the next area and you’ll see the Sperm Whales... just swim further down and you’ll see the Kraken just hovering below. It won’t let you swim on it but the trophy will pop... Also nearby and is the meditation statue.
  • @4 You don't just *press* L2, you have to *hold* L2.

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