• Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 13 (4, 6, 3)
  • Online trophies: 10 (2, 3, 4, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 50+ Hrs (Estimated Time To Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


Welcome to Absolver, an online melee fighting game that fell under the radar shortly after its launch. The game sees players enter the world of Adal to go on a journey in order to become an Absolver. Sadly, there isn't much in the way of a story here, just go and defeat marked people and you’re done. The journey you will take to earn the Platinum, revolves around grinding both offline and online so get prepared as you tackle the trophies on offer.


Step 1: Play through the story, & getting familiar with the game

When you first start the game, you will have to create a character and select your style. After you have made your character, you will play through the tutorial and then be sent on your way through Adal to defeat marked targets. Take the time to get familiar with the game’s mechanics and the world map, it will be confusing at first but you will learn it quite quickly. You will fight bosses along the way, one of which has a trophy associated with them.

Completing this step will earn you:

Gear up
Make your move
This is Adal!
You were like a brother to me!
Cargal & Kilnor
Finding your Marks

Step 2: Collecting the Cairns, joining schools, mastering styles & playing the Downfall mode

Once you have become an Absolver, you will be going on a collectible hunt around Adal, which can help improve your character's gear. You will then be understanding how to join schools, as well as how the school system works in the game whilst mastering additional styles. Becoming an Absolver also allows you to access the Downfall mode, which is worth looking at as you are mastering the game's styles.

Completing this step will earn you:

Talem's Secret
White Belt
Master of Styles

Step 3: The online grind, school creation & additional fights

Now we come to the first major grind of Absolver, online fights. As you make your way to level 100 online, you will earn a good amount of the trophies tied to the online. You will also unlock the ability to create a school, as well as more advanced versions of the main boss fights which you can do during the grind.

Completing this step will earn you:

Smells like Victory
Warming up
Survival of the Fittest
Double-edged Sword
Black belt
Student becomes Teacher
Worthy Opponents
Getting Serious

Step 4: The Grandmaster

The final push for the platinum will see you master every move available in the game. This won't be as straightforward as you think, because the AI will be a pain at times and you may have to spend time in the Downfall mode to learn moves that are available there. Depending on your approach to mastering the moves, with patience and perseverance you will learn them all and truly feel like a grandmaster.

Completing this step will earn you:

Adding insult to injury
The Grandmaster

[PST Would Like To Thank Dafydd Williams for this Roadmap]

Absolver Trophy Guide

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23 trophies ( 1  )

  • Earn all trophies

    Congratulations, enjoy your Platinum!

  • Win 1 PVP Duel

    You will earn this trophy whilst working towards Getting Serious. Simply win three rounds in a 1v1 and the trophy is yours.

  • Reach Game Mode Level 5

    See Getting Serious for more information about the online modes.

  • Loot 1 weapon

    Weapons are scattered all over the world map and will have an aura around them with a "Pick Up' option when you are close enough to them. Pick one up to earn the trophy.

  • Master 1 new Attack

    This one will come naturally as you start playing the game. See The Grandmaster for the methods available to master moves.

  • Push AI off ledge

    Adal has quite a few places that you can knock enemies off a ledge. The easiest place is the pit as you enter the Bird Callers Outpost. Lure an enemy to the pit and use either your attacks or the Shockwave power to send them on their way. The trophy will be awarded once the enemy’s death groan is heard.

  • Join a school

    Schools are a useful part of the game that will allow you to use other people's decks, abilities as well as other fighting styles. There are a few ways that you can join a school:

    • When meeting a player online, go to social – players met. If they are part of a school, select the name and 'Join/View' school.
    • Search for a school via Hayen. He can be found on a ledge near the altar in the Oration Quarter
    • Find Rakkio, a PvE teacher found in the Raslan Coliseum

    In order to speak to Rakkio, you must defeat Jinn Mesca, a bonus marked target who only appears after you become an Absolver. For one of Jinn's locations, please see the Cairn Locations Guide. Defeat him and the door next to the altar in the Raslan Coliseum will open, which will lead you to Rakkio.

    Simply join a school by any of the methods listed to earn the trophy.

  • Kill your opponent with his own weapon in 1v1

    Whilst in a 1v1, some players will draw a weapon to help them build or gain a lead. To use their weapon, you must hit them a few times to cause them to drop it. Quickly pick it up and start hitting them with it. The weaker they are, the higher the chance of earning this trophy will be. If you do kill them, the kill feed must show the weapon and not a melee attack. Swords are the preferred choice of weapon so ensure you see a sword symbol in the feed and the trophy should unlock.

  • Open all Cairns with one character

    Scattered all over Adal are Cairns, a stack of rocks with a unique glow to them. They contain pieces of gear which you can equip to your character and improve certain stats. You will have found a few of these during your initial playthrough but some are hidden quite well. To find them all, you need to have finished the story and defeated Jinn Mesca to access two areas.

    For a visual walkthrough of all the Cairns and a location for Jinn, see the Cairn Locations Guide.

  • Become a disciple of your school

    After you join a school, you will be given access to the teacher’s fighting style and melee deck. When you use these in online fights, you will begin to earn experience for your school. This will allow you to rank up in the school, which gives you access to additional decks and abilities provided by the teacher. The more of these you equip, the more experience you will earn in matches. You earn experience regardless of the outcome, although winning awards you more a lot more than losing.

    To become a disciple in a school, you must hit rank 7 without leaving that school. All progress will be reset if you choose to join another school and then return to a previous one. Once you become a disciple, you will earn the trophy and be free to leave for another school.

  • Create a school

    As you work on your online level, more features become available in the PvE mode. One of which is to create a school, making you a teacher and allowing people to use your set up in the game. After you reach level 50 online, go to the Oration Quarter and go to Hayen.

    He can be found on the building to the right of the altar if you are yet to speak to him or at the altar if you have seen him before. Speak to him and will offer the 'Create School' option to you because of your level. Customize the school to your preference, hit the create button and you will now have your own school and the trophy.

  • Kill Kuretz

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Kuretz is one of the main bosses of the game and is found in the Raslan Coliseum. The fight is in three phases, the first simply being a straight up 1v1. The second phase sees him being defensive, whilst sending his allies to help him. Defeat them all and you will enter the last phase which is basically another 1v1 but this time he will use his gauntlets against you. The gauntlets will do a good amount of damage to you if you are hit so time your attacks and he will soon fall.

  • Kill Cargal & Kilnor

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Cargal & Kilnor are a pair of bosses in the game and can be found in the Adalian Columbary. This fight only has two phases but sees you dealing with both at once. The main mechanic is as you try to attack one, they will be defensive as the other sibling tries to hit you. Be careful of this and try to damage them both equally to help in the second phase.

    Once one of the two are down to around 25% health, the pair will draw out their swords to try and defeat you. Repeat the same tactic as phase 1 and the two should fall pretty quickly.

    This fight also has an additional trophy tied to it, see You were like a brother to me! for additional information.

  • Kill Risryn

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Risryn is the final boss of the game and is in the Imperial Quarters. For a time, Risryn was a very easy boss to defeat but now she's a challenging boss to face. She'll begin by launching fast paced combos at you, which you will need to be mindful of in order to try and hit her. Keep your distance and launch a few combos of your own when an opening appears.

    At around half health, she will draw her sword to deal more damage to you. She retains much of her speed in this phase but you will need to be more cautious as the sword damage can be punishing to you. Once she nears defeat, she will drop her sword giving you time to pick it up. Repeat the same steps as before, and you will defeat her and earn this trophy.

  • Kill all marked ones with one character

    Story related, can't be missed.

    The marked ones are targets you must defeat in order to access the Essence Reserves. Regardless of the order you defeated them, the trophy will be awarded once the last marked one has fallen. Jinn Mesca is not required for the trophy, because he only appears after you have finished the story.

  • Have Cargal kill Kilnor (or the opposite)

    This trophy can be quite irritating to pull off. As stated in Cargal & Kilnor, once one of them is down to 25%, the pair will draw their weapons. The challenge here is to get one of the two to kill the other. Naturally, you will need to weaken both to the point one hit will finish them. The problem here is actually lining the pair up so that an attack will connect.

    Because the pair are spaced out far from each other, their combo’s rarely hit them when they attack you. The best method is to have the pair follow you up one of the staircases in the room, then get close to trigger an attack. As the image shows, the pair will follow you up and eventually attack, which should be enough to kill one of them.

    It is highly recommend doing this trophy in your first encounter with them, as doing this at the level 50 fight will prove difficult to pull of. Whilst not impossible, it will prove a frustrating thing to execute with how the pair fight at this level.

  • Kill 100 Players Character (Any Character)

    This will come naturally whilst working on Getting Serious. Simply defeat 100 opponents in 1v1 or 3v3 to earn this one. In 3v3, the kill feed needs to show you killed the player for it to count, so be mindful of people kill stealing in that mode. 1v1 is the easiest source because each round count as a separate kill so winning three rounds is three kills. Killing players in the open world will also count to the total.

  • Kill all bosses in their last level with one character

    As you progress through the online levels, you will have the chance to fight the three main bosses again at different tiers. In order to earn the trophy, you must defeat them all on their tier 3 fights. To do these fights, you must be the following level online:

    Kruetz – Level 10 for tier 2, Level 40 for tier 3
    Cargal & Kilnor – Level 20 for tier 2, Level 50 for tier 3
    Risryn – Level 30 for tier 2, Level 60 for tier 3

    When you defeat a boss on tier 2, you will be awarded their chest piece whilst tier 3 will give you their masks. Be warned - the fights are much more difficult at these levels. The bosses are a lot more aggressive, precise and punish you massively if you try to barrage them with attacks. Be patient, take your time and you will earn this trophy in good time.

  • Unlock all fighting styles with one character

    This trophy is not as difficult as it seems to earn, it just a small bit of patience and time is needed.

    When starting the game, you will have to choose one style to be your default one. In order to unlock the other styles, you must master a style’s special ability which is assigned to the right analogue stick. To start learning a style, you must join a school which has it on offer (see White Belt on how to find a school). Once you have joined a school, select the style under the styles tab in the meditation menu.

    You will then want to exit the game in order to enter offline mode. To do so, go to Options – Offline Mode and select yes. This will help you learn the style without anyone interrupting the process. Find a lone enemy in the world (Bird Callers Outpost is an ideal area), then start practising the style’s special ability. It may take a few attempts but you should begin to see the style image appear with every successful block, as the image below shows.

    The gauge is the same as mastering a move so repeat as consistently as possible to fill the gauge up. If you are low on health, defeat the enemy and heal yourself up at the altar. Once the gauge is full, finish the enemy off and you will be given a message that the style is unlocked.

    With the Faejin style, their is another option on how you master it. When playing the Downfall mode, you will begin to collect gleam which is used to increase your gleam level. At gleam level 6, you will be awarded the Faejin style to use instantly. It can be mastered in the same way as the other styles but the choice is down to you. Once you master the final style you're missing, the trophy will be yours.

  • Become an Absolver

    Story related, can't be missed.

    After you defeat Risryn and watch the closing scene, you will return to Adal which is when the trophy will pop.

  • Master all attacks with one character

    The most time-consuming trophy in the set. To obtain this one, you have to learn all the moves in the bare-hand and sword decks.

    By the time you have reached this point, you will have learnt some of the moves and be learning a whole lot of them. There are a few ways you can learn moves in the game, which are:

    • Enemy AI – Simply block a move to gain experience. Using your special ability awards more experience for a move.
    • Online – Playing against other players can help learn some of the moves if you defeat them
    • A friend – Share and exchange moves you may be missing
    • Schools – Introduced in patch 1.16, using a school deck awards you experience towards moves you don't already know
    • Downfall – This will be to learn the Faejin moves, although you may learn other moves as you spend time in this mode

    Of these methods, the school method is the most convenient, as it awards you for using the attacks you don’t know. It is slower than learning it from the AI but it is still useful to learn certain moves like Calbot. You can preview whether a school has moves you need by going to the attacks tab whilst viewing it. To access the sword decks, you must hit rank 3 with the school you join.

    The enemy AI know all the moves in the game, so you can farm them offline if you want to tackle most of the moves on your own. In order to learn sword attacks from a certain enemy, you must find a sword weapon around the area and drop it in front of them. Be careful when farming the sword attacks, you will take some damage even when blocking. The one move that can prove difficult to find offline at present is Tei-Nami, which is found on a very rare enemy in the Tower of Adal. If you are struggling with this move, join a school which includes it and learn it to save time looking for it offline.

    The important thing to note is that you must defeat the opponent you have been learning moves from to keep any earned experience, dying will set the gauge back to its previous position. The trophy will be awarded once you master the final move you need.

    If you are after someone to learn/ share moves with then head over to the Trophy Boosting Thread.

  • Reach Game Mode Level 100

    This is where a good amount of your time will be spent earning the platinum trophy. The online consists of two game modes – 1v1 and 3v3. 1v1 is simply the best of five rounds between 2 players, whilst 3v3 sees players capture and hold points around a map. Only holding the points will allow players to score and the first team to 5,000 points wins.

    After every match, you will be awarded points which will increase your online level. The amount of points you need to go up a level is 5 points. It is a fixed amount so you need 495 points to hit level 100. You earn points on three things:

    1. Playing and finishing a match
    2. Winning a match
    3. Performance

    The first two are straightforward but you can earn a performance point even if you lose a match. In 1v1, winning two rounds before losing will earn you a point. In 3v3, a close match, good amount of captures and kills can award you points. You can get up to 3 points for performance in 3v3, so winning on top of those 3 points would result in a level up. Dependant on your skill, 1v1 is faster in general, whilst 3v3 can offer more points if you get lucky and end up on a dominant team. Just be mindful that team killing is a thing in 3v3, so expect some frustrating moments in that mode.

    You can also do this with a friend but some luck will be required. Search for a 1v1 at the same time and see if you are paired up. If you are, the game does offer a re-match system after the fight so you can stay together as long as both of you hit ready. If you're not paired, complete the fight and then quit to try again. This could take a few attempts before the game pairs you together.

    Once you have hit level 100, the trophy will be awarded to you.


Secret trophies

  • Unlock Calbot

    Calbot is an incredibly rare move that only one type of NPC teaches, who is an incredibly rare spawn and can appear anywhere in the game. They look like they have no clothes on with a black mask and only know one attack. For its rarity, Calbot is essentially a slap that deals next to no damage to an enemy.

    Fortunately, you don't have to try and find the NPC to learn it because a friend can teach you the move very easily. You may also learn Calbot if a school uses it in their deck, although not many opt to use it for obvious reasons. The trophy will pop once you master the slap.

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