• Estimated trophy difficulty:
  • Offline trophies:
    • Supercar Challenge: 33 (20, 7, 5, 1)
    • Absolute Supercars: 33 (18, 9 , 5, 1 )
  • Online trophies:
    • Supercar Challenge: 4 (2, 2 )
    • Absolute Supercars: 3 (2, 1 )
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 4–20 Hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 because all races are replayable.
  • Number of missable trophies: 0.
  • Glitched trophies: 0.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes. Challenge Dominated is impossible to earn without completing some races on Elite/Legend Difficulty.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes. The RP related trophies stack.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No but see below for details on a glitch/cheat which exists in some versions of the game.
  • Extra peripherals required?: No but racing wheels are compatible and would be very useful if you have one.


While almost identical, Supercar Challenge and Absolute Supercars have slight differences which separate them:

  • Their trophy lists are identical except for one trophy, Show off, which is absent from the Absolute Supercars trophy list. The Trophy values for Credit Where Credit is Due and Rebellious Victory have also been changed from Bronze in Supercar Challenge to Silver in Absolute Supercars.
  • Absolute Supercars calls the hardest difficulty Elite, while Supercar Challenge calls it Legend.
  • Challenge Mode has its own standalone menu in Absolute Supercars, while in Supercar Challenge it can be accessed through the Single Player menu.
  • For online multiplayer purposes these titles are completely separate, meaning that a person who owns Absolute Supercars cannot play online with someone who owns Supercar Challenge.


Supercar Challenge (also known as Absolute Supercars) is a simulation style racing game that is the successor to Ferrari Challenge. Here you will be racing with some of the most sought after Supercars in the world on many world renowned Racing Circuits. The Platinum itself can be difficult to attain depending upon your skill level, however with a little practice, is more than achievable. Alternatively a very beneficial glitch exists in some versions of the game which allows you to skip every race, making this one of the easiest Platinums available.

The Trophy Glitch:

From the get go I should make clear that not all versions of this game feature the beneficial glitch which allows you to skip races. In fact, I would go as far as to say that at the time of writing, the chances of you coming across such a version are slim to none. This is because the version which allowed the glitch was removed from the Playstation Store in 2012, meaning that only those who purchased or downloaded the game prior to that date still have access to it. Nevertheless, there are individuals out there with access to such versions who luckily get to take advantage of the neat little exploit.

The versions which allow/disallow the glitch are as follows:


  • Supercar Challenge:
    • PSN Digital Release for regions: Europe, Australia, Hong Kong (Patch version 1.14)

Disallow: (Do NOT buy any of these versions under the pretence that the glitch will work because it won't, as trying to use the glitch will just change your camera view back and forth.

  • Supercar Challenge:
    • PSN Digital Release for North America
    • Disc Release all regions (With patch 1.13 installed as well as no patches installed)
  • Absolute Supercars:
    • PSN Digital Release for all Regions
    • Disc Release all regions

To activate the Glitch: When the race begins, hold down after the timer has counted down and you will see a little number appear in the bottom left corner of your screen. While holding , press and the race will end with you as the winner. This exploit has wide reaching application for the trophy list, to the extent that the only trophies that this glitch cannot be used to make easier are:

9 Lives
Crash Test Dummy
No Fear!
New Style
Stylin 'n' Profiling
Race Off
Show off
Continental Racer
Who is the Fairest?
Finished in First!

If you are able to exploit this glitch, feel free to complete the game in any order you wish as you will not be constrained by the difficulty of having sub-par vehicles for the Challenge Mode. While many of the tips are redundant, still pay close attention to the Trophy Guide for ways to make your progress even more efficient.


Step 1: Earning Millionaire and Shopaholic

I recommend starting with the grind for Millionaire for a few reasons. Firstly, it gets you familiar with the basic driving concepts of the game and gets the most grindy aspect of the game out of the way. Secondly, having 1,000,000 credits will allow you to buy much better cars to attempt the Challenge Mode with than the 3 you start out with. To begin with, you will be spending a few hours driving in circles around Homestead Oval while you amass credits. Keep in mind though, that to unlock the Homestead Oval for use in Quick Race, you will have to earn 3,000 RP in the Challenge Mode first. For further information, please see the Millionaire trophy.

Trophies earned in this step:


Step 2: Challenge Mode

Hopefully by now you will have earned 1,000,000 credits and purchased a vehicle like the Ferrari SP 333 to tackle Challenge Mode with. Be warned, Challenge Mode can be quite the Challenge, as you will need to complete roughly half of the available races on Elite/Legend Difficulty in order to reach the 32,000 Race Points required for Challenge Dominated. You will also want to focus upon completing the 5 objectives for each stage as they each have their own respective Trophy reward. For more information as well as tips, please see the trophy description for Challenge Dominated.

At the end of this step, you should have earned:

Challenge Accepted
Passport Stamped
Up and Coming
Bound for Glory
Stage 1 Check
Stage 2 Check
Stage 3 Check
Stage 4 Check
Stage 5 Check
Story of a Champion
Challenge Dominated

Step 3: Online

Here you will be trying to earn all the online trophies in one Online Event. You will need to make sure that you have a custom livery setup and applied to your car and have changed your nationality to something different from your opponent's. Once you have this set up, create a race on Homestead Oval and make sure you win.

In this step you should earn:

Stylin 'n' Profiling
Race Off
Show off (Supercar Challenge Only)
Continental Racer

Step 4: Miscellaneous Trophy Clean-up

With any luck, you will have earned a lot of these trophies simply by progressing through the game. However some will require you to go out of your way to earn them so make sure to check their trophy descriptions for more information.

At the end of this step you should have:

Credit Where Credit Is Due ( in Absolute Supercars)
Clean Credits
9 Lives
Crash Test Dummy
Not Counted Out
Glued To The Track
Lap Master
No Fear!
Circuit Challenge
New Style
Looking Left
Who is the Fairest?
Wet Paint
Finished in First!
Solid Gold
Rebellious Victory ( in Absolute Supercars)
Supercar Superstar

At the end of all this, you will have:

[PST Would Like To Thank chrisheadshot for this Roadmap]

Absolute Supercars Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

36 trophies ( 10  20  1  )

  • Unlock all Absolute Supercars Trophies.

    Get all the other trophies to unlock this one.

  • Achieve a perfect Credit score in an offline race.

    To achieve a perfect Credit score, you will need to:

    • Finish in 1st place
    • Be in 1st place at the end of each lap
    • Get no penalties. This means no corner cutting because that will result in the Black and White flag being waved.
    • Set the fastest lap
    • Take no damage

    This is actually not as difficult as it may first appear so there is a good chance you will unlock this without even trying throughout your time playing this game. An easy method to unlock this though, would be to start up a Quick Race on Homestead Oval. Set it to 1 lap in Dry conditions, as a 1 vs 1 race on Rookie difficulty. Once the race starts, you just need to make sure you fulfil the above criteria to unlock the trophy so race cleanly and smoothly for one lap around the Oval and you will be fine.

  • Achieve the Clean Race Credit Bonus in an offline race.

    The Clean Race Credit Bonus can be achieved at the end of each race provided you receive no penalties. Penalties are awarded for cutting corners so to earn this trophy, make sure you keep to the racetrack.

  • Cause severe damage to a Supercar in Career mode without retiring.

    This trophy is best attained in the Challenge Mode section of the game, as a damage icon is visible in the lower right hand corner of your HUD which displays your car's current damage. Severe damage is classed as between 80–89%, which typically takes between 3–6 significant crashes to reach. In order to earn this trophy, just make sure your vehicle's damage rating is within the severe range and finish the race. You are not required to win the race so feel free to finish dead last.

    Please note that the information in the Game Manual regarding damage levels is incorrect. Severe damage is not classed as between 56-60%, it is between the previously listed 80-89%.

  • Completely demolish a Supercar in an offline race.

    In order to demolish a Supercar its damage rating needs to reach 90%. This typically requires 5+ significant high speed crashes to reach. Simply crash into every wall you can see, at as high a speed as possible and you will unlock this trophy. Keep in mind that you cannot reach the 90% damage rating in a qualifying session so this will have to be attempted in a race.

    As above, keep in mind that the damage categories in the Game Manual are incorrect. You will not be disqualified when you reach 75+% damage but you will be when you reach 90% damage.

  • Start a race in 16th and finish in 1st. On or offline.

    For an easy method to unlock this trophy, start up a race on Homestead Oval with the following settings:

    • Duration: 1 Lap (more if you feel you need it)
    • Conditions: Dry
    • Grid: Full
    • Difficulty: Rookie

    Vehicle choice should not matter, however the Pagani Zonda is a good car to use. Once the race begins, press and enter the Modify Driver Assist Settings section. Here you will want your Stability Control and Traction Control on 1 with Auto Braking Off. The reason for this is so that you can get a much better start compared to your opponents.

    Once the race has begun, you just want to focus on driving smoothly and passing the other drivers without hitting them. The track is an oval so it should not cause you too many problems. The A.I. also tends to brake quite a bit for the turns when they do not need to, which you will be capitalising on. Having a light touch on the is key here as you want to steer as smoothly as possible to ensure that you do not lose your speed through the corners. If all goes to plan you should overtake the last few cars and enter 1st place on the final turn of the first lap.

  • Complete a race without going off the track. On or offline.

    You should unlock this trophy just by progressing through the game, just make sure you stay on the track. You can tell when you have gone off the track as your time in the top left of your HUD will change from white to red. Keep within the track boundaries, stick to the racing line and this trophy will be yours.

  • Maintain first place for an entire lap. On or offline.

    This should not pose too much of a challenge on Rookie/Novice difficulty. Once you have made it to first place, make sure you stay there. Stick to the racing line and make sure you check your mirror for vehicles behind you so that you can block them if you need to.

  • Go full throttle and hold off the brakes for 15 seconds in an on or offline race

    This is pretty self-explanatory, simply hold for 15 seconds without braking. There are several straight sections of race track in this game where this is possible, notably at Monza and Mugello, with the Oval tracks capable of being driven without braking at all in some vehicles.

  • Win a race at Nurburgring without hitting any obstacles. On or offline.

    Set up a Quick Race on the Nurburgring circuit with the following settings:

    • Duration: 1 Lap
    • Conditions: Dry
    • Grid: Vs (1 on 1)
    • Difficulty: Rookie

    Now you just want to focus on winning the race without crashing. You should be able to overtake your opponent before the first corner, just be sure to avoid hitting them. While the trophy description says to avoid hitting obstacles, this is not necessarily true. Your car cannot exceed 0% damage. You can still be involved in minor scrapes with your opponent, remain at 0% damage and still unlock the trophy. To be safe though, avoid contact where possible.

  • Create your first new Livery.

    To create your Livery, enter the Supercar Showroom section of the main menu. Enter the paint shop and change your vehicle's colour. Once you have changed your vehicle's colour, the trophy should pop. However you will want to scroll across to Livery Options and use the "Save Current Livery Set" option so that you can use this custom Livery while attempting Stylin 'n' Profiling.

  • Take a Supercar with a personalised livery online and win.

    Please see New Style for info on creating a personalised livery.

    When creating an Online Race, scroll across to Change Livery once you are in a session. Make sure you are using the car you saved a custom livery for previously for the New Style trophy. If you select 'Standard', it should apply your custom livery to the car.

    Now it is just a matter of winning the race. To make this as simple as possible use the following settings:

    • Supercar: The vehicle you have a custom livery for
    • Circuit: Homestead Oval
    • Conditions: Dry
    • Laps: 1

    With any luck, you will be placed first on the grid and simply have to drive around the oval while blocking the other drivers to earn your trophy.

    For boosting partners, please use this thread: Trophy Boosting Thread

  • Create your first online race.

    Enter the Online Menu and choose to create your own game. Doing so will unlock this trophy, you do not even need to begin the race. This can also be unlocked in LAN mode if you cannot access the Online Multiplayer menus.

  • Race online against a driver from another country.

    The description for this trophy is very misleading, as your PSN IDs do not need to be registered under different countries for this to count. In-game if you go into the Team Area menu, you will find an option to change your Team Nationality. As long as this nationality is different from your opponent's (this is set to Great Britain by default) you will unlock the trophy.

    For an easy method of how to unlock this trophy, see Stylin 'n' Profiling.

  • Win a race without the HUD. On or offline.

    You do not need to race the entire race without the HUD active for this trophy, you just need to cross the finish line with it disabled. Just before the finish line, press and enter the Modify Racing Options section. It is here you will be able to disable the HUD.

  • Complete Stage 1 of Career mode with a 1st place finish in every race.

    Pretty self-explanatory, you need to win both of the races in Stage 1 of the Challenge Mode. These races being Redwood Park and Mont Tremblant. Difficulty is irrelevant so you can complete these on Rookie if you like, however Elite/Legend may be advisable depending on how you go about getting the Challenge Dominated trophy.

  • Complete Stage 2 of Career mode with over 6,000 Race Points.

    See Challenge Dominated for more information.

  • Complete Stage 3 of Career mode with over 10,000 Race Points.

    See Challenge Dominated for more information.

  • Complete Stage 4 of Career mode with over 18,000 Race Points.

    See Challenge Dominated for more information.

  • Complete all Objectives in Stage 1 of Career mode.

    Each of the 5 stages within the Challenge Mode feature 5 unique Objectives for you to complete that are worth 200 Race Points (RP) each.

    Stage 1's objectives are:

    • Race with 2 different supercars (this requires you to complete 2 different races with 2 different supercars, you cannot for instance use 2 different supercars on the Redwood Park circuit alone)
    • Complete an event with a podium finish
    • Complete an event with no penalties (avoid cutting corners).
    • Complete one lap in 5th or above without dropping a position
    • Complete the invitational challenge with a podium finish (unlocked at 1,000 RP. Ferrari F40 challenge).
  • Complete all Objectives in Stage 2 of Career mode.

    Stage 2's objectives are:

    • Win 1 event
    • Achieve the fastest lap in an event
    • Complete an event without any damage deductions (any damage over 0% will result in a damage deduction)
    • Qualify in pole position before an event
    • Complete an event without going off the track
  • Complete all Objectives in Stage 3 of Career mode.

    Stage 3's objectives are:

    • Win 2 events
    • Achieve a podium finish in the rain. (Rain races are only possible on higher difficulties. On Elite/Legend difficulty for instance, the race has a 50% chance of being wet. In order to achieve this objective, I recommend trying to win at Monza in the rain on Elite/Legend difficulty as there are plentiful opportunities to cut chicanes which give you better chances of winning)
    • Win an event without any penalties (avoid cutting corners).
    • Maintain first position for an entire lap
    • Finish 1st in the invitational challenge. (Unlocked at 12,600 RP. Ferrari F430 Challenge)
  • Complete all Objectives in Stage 4 of Career mode.

    Stage 4's objectives are:

    • Achieve 3 podium finishes
    • Win an event in the rain (rain is only possible on higher difficulties. I recommend trying to win at Homestead or Auto Club Speedway on Elite/Legend Difficulty for this objective).
    • Achieve the fastest lap in 2 events
    • Race with 3 different Supercars (this needs to be 3 different Supercars on 3 different tracks. You cannot race with 3 different Supercars all around Homestead for instance.
    • Qualify in first and go on to win the event
  • Complete all Objectives in Stage 5 of Career mode.

    Stage 5's objectives are:

    • Win an event under the 'Pro' difficulty class (the difficulties are stackable for this requirement. Completing an event on Elite/Legend difficulty will satisfy this requirement).
    • Achieve a podium finish without the racing line (elite/Legend difficulty removes the racing line so this should come naturally).
    • Qualify in 3rd or above before 3 events.
    • Race with a new Supercar (it needs to have been purchased from the Supercar Showroom).
    • Win a race with a personal livery (please see the trophy description for New Style for how to create personal liveries).
  • Finish Career mode with over 24,000 Race Points.


    See Challenge Dominated for more information.

  • Finish Career mode with over 28,000 Race Points.


    See Challenge Dominated for more information.

  • Finish Career mode with over 32,000 Race Points.


    This will likely be where most of your time is spent in the game. The Challenge Mode consists of 18 races spread across 5 stages with Race Points (RP) awarded depending upon your finishing position and the difficulty the race was completed on. For instance: Winning a race on Rookie/Beginner difficulty will net you 1,000 RP while winning a race on Elite/Legend difficulty will net you 1,800 RP. On top of this, each stage features 5 objectives worth 200 RP each which you will need to complete in order to earn each stage's respective objective trophy. The end goal of this challenge mode is to have over 32,000 when you finish (over in the literal sense that having exactly 32,000 RP will not unlock the trophy). Keep in mind that if these RP related trophies are not unlocking after fulfilling the RP requirements, you may need to return to some races within the Challenge Mode and win them for the trophy to unlock.

    If you do the maths, you are guaranteed 5,000 RP for completing all the objectives so that leaves 27,000 RP for you to go and achieve how you please. Keep in mind that it is impossible to reach the target of 32000 RP without completing some races on Elite/Legend difficulty so be prepared to invest some time into replaying certain tracks, as Elite/Legend difficulty can be ruthless.

    My personal choice of events to complete on Elite/Legend difficulty were as follows (Elite events Italicised):

    Stage 1 - Canada

    • Redwood Park
    • Mont Tremblant

    Stage 2 - France and Belgium

    • Paul Ricard
    • Spa
    • Riviera

    Stage 3 - Italy

    • Monza
    • Mugello
    • Misano
    • Vallelunga

    Stage 4 - USA

    • Homestead
    • Infineon
    • Virginia
    • Auto Club Speedway

    Stage 5 - Finale

    • Hockenheim
    • Silverstone
    • Monza
    • Redwood Park
    • Nürburgring

    These were the events I found easiest to complete on Elite/Legend but you may find others easier so feel free to experiment. As for vehicle choice, I found the Ferrari Enzo to be the best of the first 3 available vehicles. However, I strongly recommend that you complete the Millionaire trophy before beginning the Challenge Mode so that you can purchase a better car. My personal car of choice was the Ferrari 333 SP which can be bought for 100,000 credits. This car is fast, agile and has loads of grip which caters to my driving preferences. The A.I. also does not seem to be quite as competitive in this vehicle as they are in others.

    General Tips for Elite/Legend Difficulty:

    • Do your best in qualifying. This sounds obvious but qualifying is more important in this game than in other racing games. You are relatively even matched off the start so you cannot rely upon diving into the first corner to gain the places lost in a poor qualifying session. Aim for pole position where possible but anything from 6th or above is also good.
    • Race dirty. The A.I. does it so you should too. You can make up a few places by slamming into the rear ends of other cars going into the first few corners so if you need to, then try that. Similarly, if you are side by side with another car going into a corner, feel free to lean into them. You will receive the dual benefit of travelling through the corner faster and pushing them wide.
    • Exploit the curbs and run-off areas. While corner cutting mostly results in penalties, there are a few instances where you can cut corners without receiving a penalty and I strongly recommend you take advantage of them on Elite/Legend difficulty. Perfect examples are the chicanes on Monza, Redwood Park and Misano. The same applies to tarmac run-off areas. You can run wide onto these and carry loads more speed onto the following straights for a speed advantage. Tracks such as Hockenheim, Nürburgring, Auto Club Speedway and Paul Ricard are examples of where you can use this to great effect.
    • Use the brake marker boards and other points of reference. If you are someone who typically relies heavily upon a driving line aid in racing games, then Elite/Legend Difficulty is going to hit you hard – the driving line is disabled. This means you will have to rely upon other reference points for when to brake for each corner. Luckily most corners feature brake marker boards on either side of the track which warn you of how many metres there are until the corner. If there are no brake marker boards then use other landmarks like billboards, signs or trees to gauge when to brake. Knowing when to brake is essential in pulling off pole position lap times on Elite/Legend difficulty so this is a habit definitely worth picking up.
    • Change your driving aids. Although the game features preset driving aid setups that cater to your experience, I find none of these struck the right balance for my personal driving style. They might not for you either so try changing some of the settings and see if you prefer the car that way. I personally made sure I had Traction Control and Stability Control set to 4 with ABS set to Full. Under no circumstances should you be using Auto Braking. The Elite/Legend times simply cannot be beaten with this driving aid on, plus you won't be able to fully exploit the run off or corner cutting opportunities with it on.
    • Restart the Event. On Elite/Legend difficulty, the race has a 50% chance of being in the rain so if you are not a big fan of wet weather racing, retire from the event and restart it until it is dry. The same goes for the pole position time. Restarting the event will sometimes change the pole position time. It won't change it by a huge margin but in some cases, a few hundredths of a second is all the advantage you will need. Note: You cannot restart races in the Supercar Challenge version of this game, only qualifying sessions. Races can be restarted as you please in the Absolute Supercars version of this game.
  • Complete an Auto Club Speedway Oval race without turning right. On or offline.

    The California Oval is actually called the Auto Club Speedway for some reason, so you will need to attempt this on that track. In Quick Race, set the event to 1 Lap against 1 opponent in the Dry. Once the race begins, just focus on avoiding turning right at all costs. The track is an oval so this is not particularly difficult, however you may be tempted to veer to the right to avoid the A.I. driver but don't because winning isn't necessary so just complete the race and stay behind if you need to. Also the track features one relatively straight section so make sure that prior to it, you have lined your car up in such a way that you will not have to turn right.

  • Win a race with no side mirrors. On or offline.

    One of the perks of having damage activated in your races? Your mirrors can fly off if you crash your car sideways into walls with enough force. For this trophy, you want to find a track with barriers right on the edge of the track to both your left and right that you can smash your car into. Riviera is ideal for this. You can check if your mirrors have fallen off by changing view with . Keep in mind that you will need to win the race so try not to spend too much time smashing your car up.

  • Win a race in the wet, without receiving any damage. On or offline.

    This should come naturally through completing the Elite/Legend difficulty races in the Challenge Mode. If you are struggling though, set up a race on the Homestead Oval with 1 Lap against 1 Opponent in the Wet. If you focus upon steering smoothly, you should be able to overtake your single opponent with ease. Just be sure to avoid crashing into anything.

  • Win a race crossing the line in first gear, on or offline.

    For this trophy you will need to have your transmission set to Manual. Ideally, you want to have a lead of over 10 seconds when you attempt this trophy. Track choice should not matter but you want to give yourself plenty of room to brake before the finish line as the game does not simply allow you to cycle back through the gears to first gear if you are travelling at over 300km/h. It won't let you downshift until your car has slowed down to a suitable speed.

  • Complete a Tournament event with maximum points overall (90).

    The Tournaments are accessible through the Singleplayer game menu. They can be found within the Supercar Tournament section. Here, you will be given the option to compete in a 3 race Tournament for each car which you have purchased. Simply select which car you want to complete the Tournament with and make sure you win each race to earn the full 90 points.

  • Spend 100,000 Credits.

    If you enter the Supercar Showroom, you will find a large selection of cars available for you to purchase and several of these cost more than 100,000 credits which upon purchasing, will unlock this trophy. It is recommended that you hold off on purchasing any vehicles until you have earned 1,000,000 credits though to maximise your efficiency in earning Millionaire.

  • Win a 3 lap race at Homestead Oval without braking once. On or offline.

    In Quick Race, set up an event on Homestead Oval set to the 3 Laps against 1 Opponent. Here, your goal is to avoid braking. This is actually pretty straightforward as the track is an Oval and does not normally require braking. Depending upon the speed of your car though, you may have to ease off the accelerator around corners to avoid crashing.

  • Achieve a Credit balance of 1,000,000

    This trophy is not cumulative so you will need a credit balance of at least 1,000,000 at some point to unlock this trophy.

    This trophy will actually require some grinding. Thankfully though, it serves a purpose as it will allow you to buy some faster cars for your Elite/Legend difficulty races in the Challenge Mode. In order to maximise your credit earnings, I recommend applying the following settings in Quick Race. Note: Homestead Oval will not be unlocked until you earn 3,000 RP in the Challenge Mode so feel free to complete a few Rookie/Beginner difficulty events there to reach the required RP:

    Vehicle: Pagani Zonda F

    Track: Homestead Oval

    • Duration: 1 Lap
    • Conditions: Dry
    • Grid: Full
    • Difficulty: Rookie

    Within your Driving Aids Menu, I also recommend having Traction Control and Stability Control set to 1. This is because it gives you a much better start compared to the A.I.

    Within the race itself you want to focus upon avoiding the A.I. opponents and keeping your steering inputs on the as smooth as possible to keep up your speed through the corners, because this is where you will be doing all of your overtaking. If you can manage to overtake the entire field and earn the Perfect Race Bonus, you should be able to earn 5,250 Credits for each 35 second lap of the Oval. Once your credit total reaches 1,000,000, the trophy will pop.

    Within your Driving Aids Menu, I also recommend having Traction Control and Stability Control set to 1. This is because it gives you a much better start compared to the A.I.

    Within the race itself you want to focus upon avoiding the A.I. opponents and keeping your steering inputs on the as smooth as possible to keep up your speed through the corners, because this is where you will be doing all of your overtaking. If you can manage to overtake the entire field and earn the Perfect Race Bonus, you should be able to earn 5,250 Credits for each 35 second lap of the Oval. Once your credit total reaches 1,000,000, the trophy will pop.


Secret trophies

  • Win the ultimate race on or offline.

    Note: The link provided in the above trophy description, no longer gives any information on how to unlock this trophy and will direct you to the Eutechnyx homepage instead.

    The Ultimate Race is deemed as having the following criteria:

    • 3 or more laps
    • Rain
    • Racing Line Off
    • Interior View Only
    • No Penalties
    • No Contact with Obstacles
    • Manual Transmission
    • Staying on the Track

    With these requirements in mind, this trophy can be made simple by choosing to create a Quick Race on Homestead Oval against 1 opponent on Novice/Beginner difficulty. Provided you have followed the stated requirements and won the race, you will unlock this trophy.

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