Pretty Trophy in Aabs Animals

  • Pretty


    315 seconds to play

    How to unlock Pretty

    Start up the game then afterwards, a Kitten will appear on the screen. You can pet, take photos or play with your virtual kitty, however, you can go find something to do for 5.15 minutes and wait it out. If you are going to wait it out, then make sure that your auto-standby options are set to 10 minutes in the Power Saving options menu. The PS3 version has no AR features and will go straight into the game once it has loaded.

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  • Can you play this game on a ps3? I'm getting different answers from different sources
  • nope
  • Lol @ this game. (15 seconds before the deadline) Boss: You remembered to put a trophy list in right? Game developer: Uhhhh... ... ... Yeeeea.
  • £3.99 ON psn

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