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    You are clearly good with a bat.

    Note: Only the player hitting the Home Run will unlock the trophy. So if playing online, you will have to take turns so your partner gets an opportunity to achieve this trophy too.

    Chapter Select: Preparation - Reunion
    Trophy unlocks for both players? No, you both need to do it individually

    After fleeing from the police, you'll be in the Reunion section of this chapter where you'll be tasked with the following objective:

    • Find Leo's family (Vincent) | Find your family (Leo)

    Ignore the above objectives and do the all the trophy requirements around this trailer park before searching for Leo's family.

    For this trophy, you'll need to hit a home run while playing Baseball. You will find two people playing baseball nearby the trailer that the cheating husband was in for the No Cheating trophy. The player going for the trophy needs to take the baseball bat from the guy who has the bat. He will give it to you and then you can hit the baseball being thrown at you by the NPC. (Optional: your co-op partner can ask for the baseball from the other guy and throw it). Either method you choose will work as long as you hit a home run by getting a score of about 175-200. Anywhere over 175+ should unlock the trophy for the player who is swing the baseball bat.

    If you're playing online or local co-op, be sure to let your partner get a chance to unlock the trophy because the trophy won't unlock for them until they also achieve a 175+ home run score.

    If you've pushed the dumpster to trigger a cutscene with Leo's family, then you've gone too far and will need to use Chapter Select.

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  • 1. When you leave the farm you’ll find two people playing baseball. 2. Approach them and try your luck at batting a home run. For the trophy, each player must hit a home run.
  • Video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_JO0qSx9_c
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyoJTC6TQV4 This video guide contains all achievements / trophies in A Way Out in chronological order. Nothing is missable, you can redo anything via chapter select and unless written otherwise, both players earn the achievement / trophy at the same time (They can only be earned with a full copy of the game, not the free friend pass). This game can only be played with 2 players, there is no Singleplayer mode. #9 Home Run - 9:16 Chapter: Preperation - Reunion At start of chapter, head to the right. There's a guy with a baseball bat. Talk to him and then try to hit a Home Run. Swing the bat as soon as the pitcher starts the throw-animation. You must hit the ball in a straight line over the fence really far away. Only unlocks for the player getting th
  • you need to at least get 170+ for a score.from what me and a friend found out.
  • https://youtu.be/AXqsLX3_He0

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