Take A Breather Trophy in A Way Out

  • Take A Breather


    You took a break from it all.

    How to unlock Take A Breather

    Chapter Select: Fugitives - Breather
    Trophy unlocks for both players? Yes

    This trophy is another reference to Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and it is quite easy to miss if you take the wrong path on the mountains. At the start of this chapter, stick to the far-right path and keep following it until you come to a dead end with a cliff and river. Now you need to follow the edge of the cliff to the left and jump over the gap. There will be a small stone rock platform that you can both sit on like a bench. Sit on it with and once you're both sitting on the rock, a brief cutscene will trigger and the trophy will unlock shortly after.

    If you've reached the big log both you and your partner need to lift to reach a campfire site, then you've gone too far and will need to use Chapter Select.

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  • To obtain this trophy : While in the woods after you have changed, head follow the pathway by the river until you reach a large rock that both players can sit on. This will activate a small cutscene.
  • brothers a tale of two sons easter egg
  • Video guide: https://youtu.be/VT3HI-OGNAQ
  • @2 god that game sucked
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyoJTC6TQV4 This video guide contains all achievements / trophies in A Way Out in chronological order. Nothing is missable, you can redo anything via chapter select and unless written otherwise, both players earn the achievement / trophy at the same time (They can only be earned with a full copy of the game, not the free friend pass). This game can only be played with 2 players, there is no Singleplayer mode. #3 Take a Breather - 2:49 Chapter: Fugitives - Breather At the start of the chapter walk to the right. There's a rock both players need to sit on to enjoy the view.
  • https://youtu.be/oKTwRGSnrQo

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