Coup d'état Trophy

  • Coup d'état


    Score higher than the Devs on any Single Player level 3.01 or higher ("Tim" and "Jeremy" BAKED IN Scores)

    Your score is the value shown at the top of your screen, which is energy remaining. The easiest way to beat the Dev scores is to steal a lot of energy before you complete the level. Once again, level 3-10 is a good level to use as you should also obtain Coup d’etat, Unobtanium Chain and Stack Overflow. Thank you to YouTube user Lolailo Lama and forum user cperezprg for this video.

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  • I did it on level 3.10, just go for the 20x chain and max energy trophy and this trophy you got along it
  • 4.03 is the easiest level to do this. Just rotate the starting tile to connect it to the rest and you'll get a time faster than the devs. No need to rotate anything else.

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