Remember This Day Forever Trophy

  • Remember This Day Forever


    Get the commemorative hat.

    On the Northwestern coast of the island, you'll find a Volleyball Court with two friends looking to play a game. Instead of Volleyball, they'll ask you to play the super new and super fun Stickball! You'll need to equip a stick before you can play (there's one on the court in case you haven't picked one up yet) but the concept of the game is simple. You and the other player will need to hit the ball back and forth without allowing it to touch the ground. While you're supposed to be cooperating, the other player tends to go a little wild here and there so be sure to spring (square.png) if you need to. 

    When the two of you get 10 hits back and forth, you'll be rewarded a Golden Feather. 
    When you two get 20 hits back and forth, you'll be rewarded with some money. 
    When you two get 30 hits back and forth, you'll be rewarded a commemorative hat and the trophy will unlock (after some dialogue).

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