Only You Can Prevent Campfires Trophy

  • Only You Can Prevent Campfires


    Put out 4 campfires.

    You'll need your bucket for this trophy (see Green Thumb trophy_gold.png for its location). Scattered throughout the island are about 6-7 campfires that you can put out by pouring water on them. For this trophy, you need to put out 4 Campfires. Luckily, it doesn't need to be 4 unique Campfires and you can just put the same one out 4 times. Make your way to the Visitor's Center (Midwestern area of the island). There is a Campfire here with a small pond just South of it. Put out the fire and walk away. The Park Ranger will reignite the fire, allowing you to put it out again. Repeat this until you've put the 4th Campfire out and after you get scolded by the Ranger, the trophy will unlock. 


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