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  • Not A Scratch


    Complete the boating challenge in under 45 seconds.

    You'll need to finish a prerequisite quest before you'll be able to get this trophy. Just North of the main island will be a Boat Rental hut. You'll need to pay 100 Coins to "rent the boat out" but once you pay, you'll actually get the keys to the boat and will have access to it forever. Just in front of the hut is a very dramatic kid woeing about the troubles of a child. Speak with him and offer to take him for a ride. When you're in the boat, ride around at full speed for a few seconds, then stop and talk to the kid. He'll tell you about a challenge he's set up and urges you to try it out. Agree to do so and about halfway through, you'll jump off a ramp and the boat will take a bit of damage. You'll need to speak to the Boat Captain on the ship just East of the main island to fix it. Once it's all fixed, speak with the kid again and now you'll be able to actually attempt the challenge. 

    To get 45 seconds (or less), you need to have the boost on at almost all times and avoid hitting any obstacles (10 seconds will be added to the timer each time you hit something). The only part you should really be slowing down on is the narrow passageway where the ramp from earlier was but everything else can be blasted through. The controls of the boat are very tank-y and whichever direction you push the stick in is what direction the boat will go in so just keep that in mind as you're racing around. Once you complete the course,and if you've done it 45 seconds or less, the trophy will unlock.

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