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    Find every feather.

    There are a total of 22 Feathers you need to collect; 20 Golden and 2 Silver. You'll need a total of 980 Coins for 8 of them so be sure you're collecting all of the coins you come across in the game. You can also sell Fish to the Boat Captain on the Eastern side of the island, though keep in mind that he'll only buy one of each type of Fish (it'll still net you a pretty good penny). The locations of all of the Fish are shown in the map below. If you prefer to use a video guide, one has been provided just below the map.
    1. Just next to Aunt May's House
    2-3. The Visitor's Center. You can buy 2 from the Park Ranger for 40 Coins each.
    4. Just next to the Visitor's Center
    5. There is a plastic shovel here that you can pick up, then bring it back East along the coast until you meet a Frog building sand castles. Speak with him and you'll trade the toy shovel for an actual one. Leave the area and come back. There will be a few more sand castles in the area. Speak to the Frog and exhaust the dialogue. Leave the area and come back. There will be even more sand castles now and the Feather will be on top of the one by the water.
    6. Among the trees
    7. Along the cliffside
    8. In a chest just next to the Lookout Point
    9. In a chest on top of the tower
    10. Play a game of stickball and get a score of at least 10
    11. Complete the Boating Challenge once
    12. Along the cliffside
    13. Just above the tree in the graveyard where you start one of the Parkour races
    14. Dig a hole at the end of the shadow of the Lighthouse to dig up a chest. The Feather is inside the chest.
    15-18. You can buy 4 Feathers from the bird at the cliff leading up to Hawk Peak for 100 coins each.
    19. On top of the Lighthouse
    20. There is a Painter located here that you need to talk to. When you do, she'll move. Meet her again at the Lighthouse, followed by the "mouth" of the Western river, then the Graveyard, then the Lookout Point and finally the Visitor's Center. After you talk with her the final time, you'll get the Feather. 
    21 (Silver). Just North of the Visitor's Center is an RV down by a small pond. Speak with the Mouse and she'll tell you about her missing watch. Go to the bird at the cliff leading up to Hawk Peak (where you got Feathers 15-18). You'll need to give him 400 Coins, then he'll give you the watch. Return the watch to the Mouse and she'll give you the feather.
    22. On the very top of the Mountain on this small island.

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