Shallow Flower Trophy in A Rose in the Twilight

  • Shallow Flower


    Obtain all the collections.

    How to unlock Shallow Flower

    You can find 5 different types of collectibles. Most of them are obtained automatically while playing through the story, but 3 types of them need to be picked up.

    Thorn Research Diaries

    They are normally across your way and hard to miss. If you pay attention on your surroundings, you should be able to find them easily. The last one you should get is #8, you can pick it up after the fight with Blanc at Clock Tower Upper Level. Another one that could easily be missed is #10, you need to go to the end of the Castle Gate Corridor.

    Viola’s Notes

    These collectibles can only be found on Path to Abyss.

    • Viola’s Notes 1: Can be found on Path to Abyss 1. After absorbing the blood from the banner as Rose, go to the left and jump over the small pillar to reach the note.
    • Viola’s Notes 2: This one is a little hard to find. It can be found on Path to Abyss 1 as well. After dropping down for the first time, make sure Rose has absorbed blood, head left and go further down – but not too far. When you see a pillar a bit further to the left, throw Rose over as Giant. Switch to Rose and give blood to the pillar that is above you. Give the blood back, hop over as Rose and collect the note.  Click HERE for a picture.
    • Viola’s Notes 3: On Path to Abyss 2, when you need to get the book as Rose, jump to the highest point to collect the note.
    • Viola’s Notes 4: Can be found on Path to Abyss 2. Shortly after you’ve thrown Rose onto the higher floor panel and continue afterwards, you can find an elevator switch. Use it to head up and collect the note on the left.
    • Viola’s Notes 5: On Path to Abyss 3, head left and fall down until you can see the note.
    • Viola’s Notes 6: On Path to Abyss 4. After you’ve destroyed all enemies, you can head up as Rose. Use the elevator to go up, then use it to go down and jump to the left when you’re halfway down.
    • Viola’s Notes 7: Path to Abyss 4. Before giving blood to the gigantic key, pick up the note.
    • Viola’s Notes 8: After using the crane on Path to Abyss 5, you’ll reach a catapult. Jump into the thorns while playing as Giant and grab the note on the right.
    • Viola’s Notes 9: BEFORE giving blood to the key on Path to Abyss 5, go to the far right and collect the note.

    Blood Memories


    • Soldier’s Memory: Can be found in Dungeon 2. Can’t be missed since you need it to progress with the story.
    • Prisoner’s Memory: Can be found in Dungeon 3. When you need to create the walkway made out of stones, throw Rose to the ledge on the left.
    • Gardener’s Memory: Found in Dungeon 6. When you use the second trap to head up, throw Rose to the left.


    • Sister’s Memory: Can be found in Armory 3. You will see a puddle of blood in between some thorns. Normally, only the Giant can walk through the thorns. However, you can use the Giant to place a pillar on the puddle, bring a barrel Rose can hide in so she can safely stand on the pillar and absorb the blood memory.
    • Guard’s Memory: Found in Armory 4. When you need to activate the switch near the end of the level, go left and throw Rose to the ledge to find the memory.
    • Warden’s Memory: Found in Armory 5. When you’ve arrived at the two-floor elevator, ride it to the top with Rose. Use it again to get to the floor below, activate the switch on the left, then activate the lever for the elevator a third time and ride it to the top floor. Go through the now opened gate and collect the memory.


    • Nurse’s Memory: Found in Courtyard 2. When you need to water a plant with blood to make it grow (it’s near a fountain), use it to head up and find the memory to the left.
    • Maid’s Memory: Can be found in Courtyard 4. After using the bug to kill the Venus flytrap, switch to Rose and go to the top by using the ladders. You will see another flytrap and a bug. Walk under the bug to make it aggressive - it should start following you. Lure it to you and when it’s on the same floor as you, go down the ladder and to the right (but not too far) so the bug runs into the flytrap. You can now safely go up the ladder again and proceed to the right. Push the potted plant off the ledge and fall down, absorbing the blood memory.
    • King’s Memory: Found in Courtyard 5. Play the level until you’re near the end. As Rose, go up the ladder and as Giant, stay near the plant. Water the plant from above and grab Rose when the plant is growing. Now throw her to the left to find the collectible.


    • Old Script’s Memory: Found in Library 2. After recreating the rabbit picture, go to the right and head up the ladder as Rose. You’ll see a room with a blood memory to the right. You can jump there, but you need to get the right timing. It can take a few tries, but it’s possible. Note: The room can only be accessed when the elevator is at the bottom.
    • Head Maid’s Memory: When you get to Library 4 for the second time (after solving the puzzles in Library 5 and getting the helmet), immediately jump over the gap to the left.
    • Old Book’s Memory: When reaching the Private Room, you can see a white book with a small puddle of blood lying on the floor. That’s the blood memory we want.


    • Rose’s Memory: After rescuing Rose, you can get the blood from the throne.

    Clock Tower:

    • Artisan’s Memory: Found in Clock Tower 1. When you’re close to the end of the level, go back to the spot with the large pendulum. Absorb the blood from the gear on the right and toss Rose between the gears. If done correctly, she can walk to the right and find the blood memory.
    • Blanc’s Memory: After defeating Blanc, you can go back to Clock Tower Upper Level and pick up her blood memory.

    Castle Gate Corridor:

    • Gatekeeper’s Memory: Just go to the left until you find it.

    Path to Abyss:

    • Viola’s Memory: This one is time-based! You probably don’t want to fight Viola again, so pick up her blood memory during the death animation. If you missed this opportunity, go back to the Sealed Room and fight her again.

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