• Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Personal Estimate) (Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 29 (11, 12, 5, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 10 - 15 hours (Poll)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2 (1 normal playthrough, 1 on Time Attack mode - there's a chance you won't need to complete every level on Time Attack if you were fast enough on your normal playthrough)
  • Number of missable trophies: 0 (Stage Select)
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, there is no difficulty setting.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, Time Attack trophies stack.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheat codes available
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


Developed by Nippon Ichi Software and following games like htoL#NiQ or Yomawari: Night Alone, A Rose in the Twilight throws the player into the world of a dark castle. It’s a tragic and disturbing yet heartwarming story for everyone who enjoys Japanese games or likes puzzles. Play as the little girl named Rose and team up with the friendly giant called... Giant. Solve puzzles and collect memories or notes to make sense of the whole story of the game. In short, if you LOVE games that expect you to think outside the box and are a little bit darker than the usual games, A Rose in the Twilight is the right game for you.

Here is some general information to help you understanding the game's mechanics and the guide:

Move Rose or Giant
Move the camera
(As Rose) Absorb/Return blood
(As Giant) Pick up/throw objects
(As Giant) Let go of objects without throwing them
Use levers (both) or pick up smaller objects like books (as Rose)
and Switch between targets
Switch characters
Open map menu and switch tabs with
(while in the map menu) Start Time Attack for any level
(Hold) Start from last checkpoint

Tips & Tricks:

  • Carrying Rose as Giant is essential to finish a level quickly.
  • While Rose dies from falling damage most of the time, Giant is able to survive falling/jumping from higher ledges. Use that knowledge and grab Rose whenever you need to jump off a ledge.
  • Giant can walk through thorns, Rose can't. Even carrying her through the thorns will result in her death, so don't do it!
  • As Rose, you can hide in barrels to avoid enemies.
  • Holding down while playing as Rose slows down the time. This helps you to get your timing right during some of the more difficult puzzles. Letting go afterwards will result in absorbing or returning the blood of a nearby object. (Note: Unfortunately, the timer on Time Attack won't slow down by doing that.)


Step 1: Play through the game

Play through the game normally. Try to figure out how the mechanics and the puzzles work so you won’t have any problems later on. While nothing is really missable, you might want to pick up the collectibles to save time. There are also levels in which you need to perform certain actions for a trophy, try to get them as soon as possible and you won’t need to return to the levels at a later point. Also, avoid getting the bad ending (See Rose's Bond). This step will net you the majority of trophies.

At the end of this step, you should have earned the following trophies:

Unheard Song
Caged Bird
Rose Garden Queen
Canary's Knowledge
Rose's Bond
Rose and the Mirror
Fly Away Little Bird
Bloodstained Flower
The Beautiful & Final Rose
Edible Flower
Tossed Bud
A Star Is Born
Red Moon
Egg Endurance Experiment
A Chick's Ascent
Rose Petals
A Single Rose
Bouquet of Roses
Shallow Flower

Step 2: Time Attack Mode

Technically, it's possible to attempt Time Attack after acquiring the hourglass from the Upper Clock Tower, but this guide suggests you to start that mode after beating Viola, the final boss of the game. Begin with the trophies for specific levels, then open the map menu and start every level on Time Attack until your completion time is on 1 hour and 20 minutes or below.

At the end of this step, you should have earned the following trophies:

Quick Star
Speed Star
Speed-of-Sound Star
Speed-of-Light Star
Speed-of-God Star

Step 3: Clean-up

In case there are still some trophies left after finishing everything else, use this step to get them done.

Thorn Road
Seed Renewal
Light in the Darkness
Shooting Star Girl
A Rose in the Twilight

[PST would like to thank Haptism for this Roadmap]

A Rose in the Twilight Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
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Show secret trophies

29 trophies ( 12  11  4  )

  • Obtained all trophies!

    Congrats, you’ve earned every trophy of A Rose in the Twilight!

  • Complete Time Attack within 1:20:00.

    You can attempt Time Attack after beating Blanc at Clock Tower Upper Level and picking up the hourglass by coming back to the area. However, you can only see your completion time after defeating the final boss Viola in the Sealed Room.

    When you beat the game for the first time, your completion time will most likely be much higher than 1 hour and 20 minutes. That’s no problem at all since you can attempt every level over and over again and aim for a better time. Every second you’re faster than before helps you to achieve a perfect completion time at the end.

    There isn’t really a best way to do it. You need to know the levels by heart and find ways to save time. Get perfect timing in puzzles and try to find shortcuts. Carry Rose as Giant whenever it's possible and only let go of her when both need to part ways or pick up something.
    After memorizing the patterns of every level and being able to perform them perfectly, you’ll get the trophy eventually.

    I took some screenshots of my times. They should help you to see whether you were fast enough or still need a few more tries. I was blundering now and then, so there is definitely room for error. I messed up in Library 1 ?3 and you should be able to save around 2 minutes there.

  • Obtain all Blood Memories.

    Refer to Shallow Flower on how to obtain all collectibles.

  • Obtain all the collections.

    You can find 5 different types of collectibles. Most of them are obtained automatically while playing through the story, but 3 types of them need to be picked up.

    Thorn Research Diaries

    They are normally across your way and hard to miss. If you pay attention on your surroundings, you should be able to find them easily. The last one you should get is #8, you can pick it up after the fight with Blanc at Clock Tower Upper Level. Another one that could easily be missed is #10, you need to go to the end of the Castle Gate Corridor.

    Viola’s Notes

    These collectibles can only be found on Path to Abyss.

    • Viola’s Notes 1: Can be found on Path to Abyss 1. After absorbing the blood from the banner as Rose, go to the left and jump over the small pillar to reach the note.
    • Viola’s Notes 2: This one is a little hard to find. It can be found on Path to Abyss 1 as well. After dropping down for the first time, make sure Rose has absorbed blood, head left and go further down – but not too far. When you see a pillar a bit further to the left, throw Rose over as Giant. Switch to Rose and give blood to the pillar that is above you. Give the blood back, hop over as Rose and collect the note.  Click HERE for a picture.
    • Viola’s Notes 3: On Path to Abyss 2, when you need to get the book as Rose, jump to the highest point to collect the note.
    • Viola’s Notes 4: Can be found on Path to Abyss 2. Shortly after you’ve thrown Rose onto the higher floor panel and continue afterwards, you can find an elevator switch. Use it to head up and collect the note on the left.
    • Viola’s Notes 5: On Path to Abyss 3, head left and fall down until you can see the note.
    • Viola’s Notes 6: On Path to Abyss 4. After you’ve destroyed all enemies, you can head up as Rose. Use the elevator to go up, then use it to go down and jump to the left when you’re halfway down.
    • Viola’s Notes 7: Path to Abyss 4. Before giving blood to the gigantic key, pick up the note.
    • Viola’s Notes 8: After using the crane on Path to Abyss 5, you’ll reach a catapult. Jump into the thorns while playing as Giant and grab the note on the right.
    • Viola’s Notes 9: BEFORE giving blood to the key on Path to Abyss 5, go to the far right and collect the note.

    Blood Memories


    • Soldier’s Memory: Can be found in Dungeon 2. Can’t be missed since you need it to progress with the story.
    • Prisoner’s Memory: Can be found in Dungeon 3. When you need to create the walkway made out of stones, throw Rose to the ledge on the left.
    • Gardener’s Memory: Found in Dungeon 6. When you use the second trap to head up, throw Rose to the left.


    • Sister’s Memory: Can be found in Armory 3. You will see a puddle of blood in between some thorns. Normally, only the Giant can walk through the thorns. However, you can use the Giant to place a pillar on the puddle, bring a barrel Rose can hide in so she can safely stand on the pillar and absorb the blood memory.
    • Guard’s Memory: Found in Armory 4. When you need to activate the switch near the end of the level, go left and throw Rose to the ledge to find the memory.
    • Warden’s Memory: Found in Armory 5. When you’ve arrived at the two-floor elevator, ride it to the top with Rose. Use it again to get to the floor below, activate the switch on the left, then activate the lever for the elevator a third time and ride it to the top floor. Go through the now opened gate and collect the memory.


    • Nurse’s Memory: Found in Courtyard 2. When you need to water a plant with blood to make it grow (it’s near a fountain), use it to head up and find the memory to the left.
    • Maid’s Memory: Can be found in Courtyard 4. After using the bug to kill the Venus flytrap, switch to Rose and go to the top by using the ladders. You will see another flytrap and a bug. Walk under the bug to make it aggressive - it should start following you. Lure it to you and when it’s on the same floor as you, go down the ladder and to the right (but not too far) so the bug runs into the flytrap. You can now safely go up the ladder again and proceed to the right. Push the potted plant off the ledge and fall down, absorbing the blood memory.
    • King’s Memory: Found in Courtyard 5. Play the level until you’re near the end. As Rose, go up the ladder and as Giant, stay near the plant. Water the plant from above and grab Rose when the plant is growing. Now throw her to the left to find the collectible.


    • Old Script’s Memory: Found in Library 2. After recreating the rabbit picture, go to the right and head up the ladder as Rose. You’ll see a room with a blood memory to the right. You can jump there, but you need to get the right timing. It can take a few tries, but it’s possible. Note: The room can only be accessed when the elevator is at the bottom.
    • Head Maid’s Memory: When you get to Library 4 for the second time (after solving the puzzles in Library 5 and getting the helmet), immediately jump over the gap to the left.
    • Old Book’s Memory: When reaching the Private Room, you can see a white book with a small puddle of blood lying on the floor. That’s the blood memory we want.


    • Rose’s Memory: After rescuing Rose, you can get the blood from the throne.

    Clock Tower:

    • Artisan’s Memory: Found in Clock Tower 1. When you’re close to the end of the level, go back to the spot with the large pendulum. Absorb the blood from the gear on the right and toss Rose between the gears. If done correctly, she can walk to the right and find the blood memory.
    • Blanc’s Memory: After defeating Blanc, you can go back to Clock Tower Upper Level and pick up her blood memory.

    Castle Gate Corridor:

    • Gatekeeper’s Memory: Just go to the left until you find it.

    Path to Abyss:

    • Viola’s Memory: This one is time-based! You probably don’t want to fight Viola again, so pick up her blood memory during the death animation. If you missed this opportunity, go back to the Sealed Room and fight her again.
  • Complete Time Attack within 1:50:00.

    Please refer to Speed-of-God Star for tips regarding Time Attack.

  • Obtain 10 Blood Memories.

    Refer to Shallow Flower on how to obtain all collectibles.

  • Complete Time Attack for Clock Tower Upper Level within 1:50.

    Please refer to Fly Away Little Bird to see how to beat Blanc within the time limit. To be able to play Time Attack, you need to pick up the hourglass by going back to the Upper Clock Tower. Afterwards, you can open your map and start any level on Time Attack.

  • Giant jumps off from the highest point in the castle.

    After you’ve earned Red Moon, switch to Giant and fall off the ledge to reach the bottom of the elevator shaft. Giant will die, but you’ll get the trophy.

  • Clear Path to Abyss.

    Story related. Can’t be missed.

    The game isn’t over once you’ve defeated Blanc. Instead, you can unlock the Path to Abyss. After collecting 16 Blood Memories, go to Dungeon 4 and make your way to the bottom left. There’ll be a new exit and your entry to the Path to Abyss. This area also introduces a new type of collectible you couldn’t find before – Viola’s notes. You’ll receive the trophy the moment you’ve activated the keys of both Path to Abyss 4 and Path to Abyss 5.

  • Clear Path to Abyss 1 without touching any mushrooms.

    When you reach Path to Abyss 1, try to keep to the right and don’t fall off any ledges. That should make getting the trophy very easy. You’ll get the trophy right after completing the whole level, so don’t quit too early. In case you fall and bounce off the mushrooms, you need to restart the whole level from the beginning.

  • Clear Clock Tower.

    Story related. Can’t be missed.

    You reach the Clock Tower Lower Level fairly early in the game. However, the real Clock Tower starts after clearing the Library and rescuing Rose. The levels of Clock Tower are heavily mechanic-based and you’ll get the trophy after finishing Clock Tower 5.

  • Clear Library.

    Story related. Can’t be missed.

    The Library can be confusing at first. You’ll visit areas a few times starting from different levels, and puzzles can be connected between the floors. So try thinking outside the box and you shall be safe. The most remarkable mechanic of the Library is painting or completing pictures with blood. The trophy pops after finishing every puzzle over all 5 levels.

  • Watch the moon from somewhere in the castle.

    This trophy can be done at Clock Tower 4 and should be combined with Egg Endurance Experiment. As soon as you’re near the end of the level after riding the elevator to the top, hit the elevator switch again to get even higher. When the elevator finishes ascending, you’ll see the red moon.

  • Die 30 times.

    Refer to Light in the Darkness for more information.

  • Clear Time Attack within 2:40:00.

    Please refer to Speed-of-God Star for tips regarding Time Attack.

  • Obtain 5 Blood Memories.

    Refer to Shallow Flower on how to obtain all collectibles.

  • Clear Time Attack for Path to Abyss 2 within 2:10.

    Ideally, you already know what to do in this level since you need to clear it at least once before you can start Time Attack. And even if you DO know what to do, it requires a bit of luck and good timing. Here is a short step by step guide to give you a small overview over the mechanics and how to save time:

    • Switch to the Giant immediately and pick Rose up.
    • Go to the right until you can see the elevator. Ride it down and start going to the left before it has reached the bottom.
    • Try to throw Rose while still in the air (start holding the throw button while leaving the elevator) – it will take a few tries but it can save you a lot of time!
    • As Rose, go to the left ledge and as Giant, go to the left and take one of the pillars. Toss it at the bouncing board.
    • Here’s another tricky part: While playing as Rose, you’re supposed to absorb the blood from the pillar to get across and climb the ladder. To be fast enough, you need to get the timing right so you can skip this ladder. It’s difficult to time it correctly, but try to absorb the blood while the pillar goes upwards and is going to stop while still in your reach.
    • If done correctly, return the blood to use the pillar like an elevator. Jump off and try to land on the book to the right because your falling animation gets interrupted when you pick up the book at the right moment.
    • Go down and to the right to fall off the ledge. To prevent you from losing seconds from falling, place the Giant beneath the ledge and catch Rose at the right moment. Then carry her to the book case on the right.
    • Drop her safely and switch to Rose, place the book in the book case and switch back to the Giant. Pick up Rose again and fall down.
    • Now we need to time everything perfectly and need a little luck.
    • Go to the right and wait on the floor panel until the barrel got safely across the bridge.
    • Proceed further, ignoring the elevator switch. Shortly after, throw Rose at the panel that is a bit higher up. Be prepared to quickly switch between Rose and Giant to fall off the ledge as Rose and catch her as Giant after the barrel crossed the bridge.
    • Be quick so you can pass the gate before it closes again.
    • You need to go forward until you reach another gate. Wait until the barrel has crossed the floor panel. It will come back and stay on the panel for a few seconds, giving you the opportunity to go through the previously closed gate.
    • Quickly go to the end of the level after that.
    • There’s a high chance that you need to retry a few times, but you’ll get better after memorizing every step.
  • Throw Rose 100 times.

    While playing as Giant, you’ll need to throw Rose a lot. Throwing Rose is necessary to solve specific puzzles or to simply proceed in general. In case you haven’t earned the trophy after finishing the game, pick her up and throw her safely so she won’t die from falling damage. Repeat until you’ve gotten the trophy.

  • Giant kills Rose by throwing her.

    There are many opportunities to get this trophy and there is also a chance that you don’t even need to go for it. As Giant, you can grab Rose and throw her around. For example, you can kill her by throwing her off a ledge or into thorns. This happens a lot by accident, and you can also combine this trophy with Edible Flower.

  • Watch the last moments of a beast.

    At Library 4, there is a portrait you need to complete by placing a bloody chair in front of it. You can find the chair on the right, near a fireplace with a red banner above it. Don’t pick the chair up yet. Switch to the Giant and stand on it, then grab Rose and throw her against the banner above the fireplace. If done correctly, Rose lands on a ledge and is able to continue to the right. Proceed further until you find a dead cat, pick it up and go back to Giant. Afterwards, you can interact with the fireplace and cremate the cat. This will get you the trophy.

  • Perform a nice shot with Rose at Courtyard 4.

    This trophy can be combined with Tossed Bud. At Courtyard 4, there is an area where you need to throw a bug into a Venus flytrap as Giant to proceed. Instead of picking up the bug, pick up Rose and throw her onto the mushrooms so she bounces into the Venus flytrap and gets eaten. You can then start over at the last checkpoint and throw the bug to proceed.

  • Clear Courtyard.

    Story related. Can’t be missed.

    The Courtyard gives Rose the ability to use a watering can she can collect blood with (it’s only available in the Courtyard levels). That makes the puzzles a little different than before. For example, you can grow plants by "watering" them with blood. The section is cleared after finishing Courtyard 6.

  • Clear Armory.

    Story related. Can’t be missed.

    The Armory steps up the puzzle game a bit, so be prepared to start using your brain cells. You’ll get the trophy after you’ve finished Armory 7.

  • Clear Dungeon.

    Story related. Can’t be missed.

    The Dungeon is basically a tutorial on how to play the game. You’ll learn about the mechanics and the controls. There are no hard puzzles and you should be able to proceed quickly. The trophy will show up after clearing Dungeon 6.

  • Die 10 times.

    Refer to Light in the Darkness for more information.


Secret trophies

  • Story related. Can’t be missed.

    Viola is the second and final boss of the game. You will get to her after clearing the Path to Abyss.

    Phase 1:

    • Some red lines will appear. Before these lines turn into thorns, make sure Rose stands between them so she won’t get hit.
    • After some time, Viola will cast lines that will go from right to left. As Rose, go to the left and wait until the thorns disappear.
    • Soon after, a bloody bat appears on the left besides Rose. Absorb the blood and try to reach the white sword on the ground. Be careful though as she can cast some more red lines followed by thorns.
    • Give the absorbed blood to the sword and switch to Giant. Pick it up and throw it at Viola. She will fall and you can pick her up and throw her into the middle.

    Phase 2:

    • This phase is basically the same as the first phase, but with a dirty trick by Viola.
    • You still need to avoid the red lines followed by thorns, but the key is to switch to Giant as soon as you notice a red line on Rose’s head.
    • When some crossed red lines appear on Rose, switch to her and get away from them.
    • Viola will cast the same red lines that go from right to left like in the first phase. As Rose, get to the left to be safe.
    • A bloody bat will appear under Viola on the right. Get to her, but be careful since you still need to avoid the red lines. Absorb the blood from the bat and transfer it to the sword on the ground.
    • As Giant, pick up the sword and throw it at Viola. Afterwards, throw Viola to the middle.

    Phase 3:

    • Pick Rose up as Giant and go to the left to avoid getting hit by the thorns that go from right to left. Soon as they disappear, immediately run to the right and safely put Rose on the ground.
    • Stay Giant until the crossed red lines appear on Rose. Get out with Rose and switch back to the Giant.
    • A bat will appear above Rose and Giant. Wait until it’s safe and throw Rose at the bat (be careful or you will throw her off the platform!). Immediately switch to Rose, absorb the blood and transfer the blood to a sword on the ground.
    • Switch to Giant, toss the sword at Viola.

    Phase 4:

    • Make sure Rose stands at a safe spot and switch to the Giant.
    • As Giant, pick up every sword on the ground and throw them at Viola until Blanc and a bloody stone appear.
    • Switch to Rose, absorb the blood from the stone.
    • Back to Giant, throw Rose at Blanc, switch to Rose and give the blood to Blanc.

    Don’t forget to collect the Blood Memory after beating her AND before the fight ends as it is the last collectible of the game. If you don’t pick it up, you will need to do the fight again to get another chance to collect it.

    Here is a video of the fight in case you prefer to watch the mechanics:

    Credits for the video go to YT user WizzieAA

  • Die 100 times.

    You’ll most likely earn this trophy without even trying. The game basically consists of trial and error most of the time, so dying is natural. While figuring out how puzzles work, you will lose your life very often due to falling damage, enemies or running through thorns as Rose. If you haven’t earned the trophy by the end of the game, just switch to Giant and try to throw Rose into chasms or thorns. You either restart at the beginning or the latest checkpoint of a level.

  • Defeat Blanc.

    Story related. Can’t be missed.

    After finishing Clock Tower 5, you will reach the Clock Tower Upper Level. Your target is to defeat Blanc, and since there is no real battle system, it can take a few tries until you’ve figured out how to beat her.

    Phase 1:

    • Blanc drops a few seeds. As Rose, you will need to absorb the blood of one of them and stand on it, avoiding the other bloody seeds. Wait for the next wave of seeds to drop and avoid getting hit by them by standing between the seeds.
    • Blanc will then throw thorns at you. Try to stand in the middle or look for shelter under the Giant.
    • Shortly after that, she will start dashing to the left. Quickly return the blood to the seed you’ve absorbed the blood from and let Blanc run into the thorns.

    Phase 2:

    • Rose won’t be able to move by herself now, but she’ll still be able to absorb or return blood. That’s the key to win in this phase.
    • Absorb the blood of one of the falling seeds and use Giant to carry Rose to safety. There’ll be two waves of seeds: The first one creates vines leading to the outside, the second wave of vines will be leading to the center. You can see in which direction the vines will go when you look at the seeds and check in which direction its opening is directed at.
    • Blanc will fire thorns at you again. Carry Rose to the middle and keep her safe.
    • Now Blanc will start dashing at you like she did in the first phase. This time, use the Giant to carry Rose to a place where she won’t get hit by the vines, but can return the absorbed blood to the seed. Doing so will activate the seed and Blanc should be running into the vine.

    Phase 3:

    • In this phase, the Giant is tied up and can’t be moved.
    • There will be falling seeds again, a little bigger than the ones before. Avoid the first wave and during the second wave, absorb the blood of one of the falling seeds, wait until the other thorns went up, then return the blood and avoid getting hit by it.
    • Now smaller seeds will fall from above. They’re like the seeds from the second phase and will create vines leading to different directions. They start with going to the left, while the second wave will go to the right.
    • Absorb the blood and stay on the safe side. Wait until the vines are gone, go to the other side and return the blood. Repeat the process during the second wave of seeds, but don’t return the blood yet.
    • Blanc will start throwing seeds, so stay in the middle.
    • After surviving the thorns, wait until Blanc starts dashing at you. Then return the blood to finally defeat Blanc.

    In case you prefer watching the fight, here is a video:

    Credits for the video go to YT user WizzieAA

    After beating her, you should instantly try to beat her on Time Attack. You can start Time Attack after beating her and returning to the Upper Level of the Clock Tower. Take the collectible to unlock Time Attack, open the map and beat her again within 1 minute and 50 seconds. This will reward you with Quick Star.


  • Rescue Rose after she is taken.

    Story related. Can’t be missed.

    Shortly after finishing the Library, Rose gets taken and you are forced to play as the Giant. Continue until you find Rose hanging from the ceiling. Destroy the right chain and proceed to the left – DON’T destroy the left chain. Otherwise, you will receive the Bad Ending and need to restart this passage. After reaching the Auditorium and proceeding to the center, you can see Rose sitting on the throne. Rescue her to get the trophy.

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