Resource sharing Trophy in A Plague Tale: Innocence

  • Resource sharing


    Enter into the 5 alchemist carts

    How to unlock Resource sharing

    ~If missed, can be obtained via chapter select~

    Chapter 7

    Alchemist Cart 1/5 - Right in front of you when Lucas teaches you how to craft Luminosa.

    Chapter 9

    Alchemist Cart 2/5 - After crossing the wooden bridge that was infested with rats, dispose of the two nearby guards, then head left. Jump over a wall and use Luminosa on the rats to create a path.

    Chapter 10

    Alchemist Cart 3/5 - In the upper right hand corner of the university grounds as soon as you get outside. To the right of the second guard you come across. Use Luminosa to get to it.

    Chapter 12

    Alchemist Cart 4/5 - After running through the courtyard after you exit the house, before having Lucas operate the cart with the brazier on. Cast Ignifer at the beam emitter behind you in the distance and Luminosa at the rats.

    Chapter 16

    Alchemist Cart 5/5 - After having Rodric take out the first guy, behind a wooden fence to the right with a white cross next to it. Follow to the end of the road.

    Full Collectibles Video and Text guide located here: LINK

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  • is it possible with capter select?
  • Yes it is possibly to find the carts through chapter selection so don't worry about it!

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