Handfull of pockets Trophy in A Plague Tale: Innocence

  • Handfull of pockets


    Fully upgrade the equipment

    How to unlock Handfull of pockets

    ~If missed, can be obtained via chapter select~

    See Not a toy anymore trophy_silver.png for information about upgrading equipment.

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  • you should priorotise upgrading the material pouch, then you will have space for more materials and can uppgrade the rest faster
  • The two trophies for upgrading the sling and equipment are time consuming so i highly recommend you to follow my advice ! First Complete either of the sections and then select a chapter and continue playing for the other one because it's highly unlikely that you would be able to upgrade both of them simultaneously in one play-thorough and if you spend your materials on each of the categories you'll end up not having any of those trophies in one go ! Be sure not to upgrade the alchemy section.And final word is that neither of these upgrades has a meaningful effect on the game so don't worry and don't spend too much on this like i did !

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