Not a toy anymore Trophy in A Plague Tale: Innocence

  • Not a toy anymore


    Fully upgrade the sling

    How to unlock Not a toy anymore

    ~If missed, can be obtained via chapter select~

    You can start crafting equipment at the end of chapter 3, resources are everywhere so really look around. I recommend starting off with upgrading your 'Pocket', because this will allow you to hold more resources for later upgrades and therefore you will miss less materials during the chapters. Be aware that you may not be able to do this trophy and the Sling upgrades in one playthrough but you can reply chapters 9 onwards to unlock the one you didn’t post game. This is mainly due to materials, if you've missed any due to no space, haven’t found them etc. Having said that though you can definitely upgrade them both in the same play through if you are clever with the materials and when you use them for upgrades and ammunition.
    The following materials are what you will need in order to fully upgrade the sling:
    • Tools x6
    • Fabric x10 * (Rare material, avoid when crafting ammunition)
    • Leather x10
    • Saltpeter x17
    • Leather x23 * (Rare material, avoid when crafting ammunition)
    • Alcohol x26
    • Cord x37
    The following materials are what you will need in order to fully upgrade the equipment:
    • Tools x9
    • Cord x12
    • Leather x28 (Rare material, avoid when crafting ammunition)
    • Sulphur x31
    • Alcohol x33
    • Saltpeter x34
    • Fabric x39 (Rare material, avoid when crafting ammunition)
    Repeated important information - Make Pocket your No 1 priority to upgrade first as some of the later stages of each item will require more materials, needing larger pockets to meet that amount. For example: Some of the third upgrades require 16 of certain materials but you won't be able to hold them until your pocket is level two and will stop you from missing any material's due to the pocket being full.
    Materials Glitch:

    If you are having trouble or are worried about missing out upgrading both the sling and equipment in one playthrough, there is a glitch you can use to fully upgrade all of your equipment (sling, equipment and alchemy) at the start of Chapter Ten. The only requirement is that you are able to craft a number of a certain type of ammo.
    1. When you get to Chapter Ten, exit to main menu and re-enter it through Chapter Select (needs to be chapter select).
    2. When the Chapter's title appears hold the touchpad, when it starts the equipment menu should be open, keep holding the tp.png (when Amicia finishes talking if you can walk with the menu open it's working).
    3. Press and hold r1.png to bring up the ammo crafting menu (you can let go of the touchpad now), the upgrade menu should be open now.
    4. Use the left stick to select and upgrade you already have and the rs.png to select a type of ammo you can craft a number of.
    5. Begin crafting the ammo and before the crafting completes move the ls.png to select an upgrade you don't have. This should unlock the upgrade.
    6. You can fully upgrade everything doing this though it will take any materials required for the upgrade you actually have.
    Video Guide Here

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  • you should priorotise upgrading the material pouch, then you will have space for more materials and can uppgrade the rest faster
  • It’s possible to get both sling and equipment trophies by chapter 15. Just be sure to: - Take your time to explore every corner of the maps for any useful resources (they also shines in the darkness) - Upgrade pockets ASAP so you don’t waste any precious material due to full inventory - Ignore alchemist upgrades until you got maxed sling and equipment - Do NOT craft any Somnum, except the first one when taught. That is really not necessary at all and using it to escape a guard catching you is useless due to frequents checkpoints - Do NOT craft any Luminosa, except the first one when taught and the ones required to access the alchemist carts (you don’t need a single one to proceed in the story, there is always another solution)
  • The two trophies for upgrading the sling and equipment are time consuming so i highly recommend you to follow my advice ! First Complete either of the sections and then select a chapter and continue playing for the other one because it's highly unlikely that you would be able to upgrade both of them simultaneously in one play-thorough and if you spend your materials on each of the categories you'll end up not having any of those trophies in one go ! Be sure not to upgrade the alchemy section.And final word is that neither of these upgrades has a meaningful effect on the game so don't worry and don't spend too much on this like i did !
  • Just to confirm, you CAN upgrade both the sling and equipment in a single playthrough, as I've managed to do that. However, it took my longer to complete the game and I had managed to find exactly enough leathers and springs, and I believe I missed virtually no nooks and crannies. So :)
  • I found this super easy cheat to do this in 2 minutes, for both the ''Not a toy anymore'' and ''Handfull of Pockets''. Link:

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