Big sister Trophy in A Plague Tale: Innocence

  • Big sister


    Find all the gifts for the orphans

    How to unlock Big sister

    ~If missed, can be obtained via chapter select~

    Chapter 1

    Gift 1: Duck whistle - As soon as you enter the estate, you'll notice some stables to the right. Go up the ladder inside there and the gift is on the table

    Chapter 2

    Gift 2: Amulets & Talismans - After reaching the first group of buildings near the start of the chapter, on a small dock just to the right the first building.

    Chapter 3

    Gift 3: Rosary - Inside the church, by the altar on the right by the blockade

    Chapter 4

    Gift 4: Diary of an Alchemist - In the orchard where Hugo wants to play hide and seek, by a wooden boat by the lake shore. Right hand side, find Hugo first if going for the Found trophy.

    Chapter 5

    Gift 5: Ballastella - In the area where Lucas operates the swinging brazier. It’s to the left, amongst some rats. It's next to a fire pit and some sticks. Hard to miss.

    Chapter 6

    Gift 6: Knucklebones - Near the beginning of the chapter shortly after the second guard is distracted, you'll enter a tent with bottles on the ground, it’s sitting on a table to the left. Get there fast before the guard turns back around and sees you.

    Chapter 7

    Gift 7: Vinegar - After seeing the Chateau castle for the first time, walk the first set of the stairs, then take a left at the top. You'll come across a house, Ask Melie to lockpick the door. It’s inside on the table

    Chapter 8

    Gift 8: Alchemical Crucible - After the sequence with Lucas in the Lab, follow Hugo. Just behind the area were you started the chapter in the grass on the left hand broken stairs.

    Chapter 9

    Gift 9: Chessboard - At the very end of the chapter, get rid of the two guards found on the right side of the area. It’s in an arch way type room.

    Chapter 10

    Gift 10: Reading Stone - After you distract the guard and Rodric gets his second stealth kill, it's in a corner of the room on a table by a chest.

    Chapter 12

    Gift 11: Calamus - Inside the house opposite the beam of light that Lucas will operate for you to get down the road. Use Odoris and Ignifer to get inside, if you like the fire first by accident, just restart the checkpoint.

    Full Collectibles Video and Text guide located here: LINK

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