Curiosities hunter Trophy in A Plague Tale: Innocence

  • Curiosities hunter


    Find 13 curiosities

    How to unlock Curiosities hunter

    ~If missed, can be obtained via chapter select~

    Chapter 1

    Curiosity 1: Spices - When you reach the estate and go into the house turn right. Go into the kitchen and turn left into a storage room. Go up the ladder in here and follow the walkway to the back to find the spices

    Curiosity 2: Tablecloth - Once you reach upstairs in the house you will speak to a maid. She will mention a 'gift' she has left you in your room. It is the first bedroom on the left, the tablecloth is on the bed.

    Chapter 2

    Curiosity 3: Soap - There is a small bridge in the village after you enter it. When you see smoke, take the next right and you will see it. Go over it and take another right into a courtyard area. It's in the right hand corner on a table.

    Curiosity 4: Incense & Herbs- inside Clervie's house, in the bedroom on top of a chest.

    Chapter 3

    Curiosity 5: Brew - After breaking the chains to swing a chandelier, take a right into the hole in the wall. It's straight ahead in a large cauldron.

    Curiosity 6: Crusader Tabard - After reuniting with Hugo in the church, climb up the ladder he came from and it’s on the floor to the right.

    Chapter 4

    Curiosity 7: Hermetic Vessel - By a tree stump and a fire close to the lake shore, shortly after beginning the chapter. Just look for the smoke.

    Curiosity 8: V.I.T.R.I.O.L - Top floor of the house, in the room next to Laurentius's. His is the first one so go past it to the next room.

    Chapter 5

    Curiosity 9: Wheat Flail - When you come across the first cart, push it left and get as close to the guard as possible without being seen. Kill him and loot the chest next to him. The collectible is inside.

    Curiosity 10: Oliphant - To the left of the corpses you shoot down to get the rats out of the way.

    Chapter 6

    Curiosity 11: Pound Sterling - Opposite the canteen area of the camp, under a wooden defence structure, on a table. It's after the archers and the 'war room' areas.

    Curiosity 12: Declaration of War - Towards the end of the camp, look for an archer near some horses and you'll know you are close by. From here, move forward and search the tents on the right - it's in a workshop.

    Chapter 7

    Curiosity 13: Horseshoe - After the mill 'puzzle' face the workbench, you can see the horse shoe ahead. If you look to the right, you'll see an opening. There’s a lock you can destroy with your sling. Now go back out to the mill, climb the window. Horse's luck

    Curiosity 14: Map - In the woods, knock out the guard standing by the table in the north-east corner of the area. The collectible is on the table. You'll have to take a few guards down to get there.

    Chapter 8

    Curiosity 15: Iconography - Right at the start when following Hugo. Instead of going down the stairs, head right. It is on the broken stairs leading up.

    Curiosity 16: Bird Language Manual - behind the barrel next to Melie after you talk to her.

    Chapter 9

    Curiosity 17: Sheepskin - Where you shoot down some bodies to attract the rats, it’s inside the chest in the downstairs part of the house.

    Curiosity 18: Piece of Transis - In the cemetery, behind the cart (it's part of the story) climb down the wall. The collectible is hanging on the wall of a tomb.

    Chapter 10

    Curiosity 19: Study of a Skinned Person - While following Rodric through the court hall with all the wooden benches, take a right and it's in amongst the chairs near an open book.

    Curiosity 20: Theriaque - While solving the puzzle in the underground library with Rodric, head to the far left and through an opening. It’s on the table close to a key and some materials.

    Chapter 12

    Curiosity 21: Harnois Helmet - In a chest in the room with the second servant’s corpse.

    Curiosity 22: Family Tree - By one of the stills on the right hand side in Beatrice’s Laboratory, next to a vase. It's fairly dark.

    Chapter 13

    Curiosity 23: Rag Doll - Inside a house with a broken door just before you speak to the old woman by the gate.

    Curiosity 24: Knight Figurine - Before approaching Hugo in his room, turn right and enter the other room to pick it up from the desk in front of you.

    There are no curiosities in chapters 14-15

    Chapter 16

    Curiosity 25: Discipline - When you have Hugo take out the two guards shortly after the chapter starts, head right close to where the guards were. Enter the alley area to find a dead guard with the collectible.

    Curiosity 26: Inquisitor's Manual - Behind some barrels to the right of the stairs leading up to the gallows, right before taking down the guards on the stairs.

    Full Video and Text collectible guide is located here: LINK

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