Botanist Trophy in A Plague Tale: Innocence

  • Botanist


    Find all the flowers

    How to unlock Botanist

    ~If missed, can be obtained via chapter select~

    There are no flowers in chapter 1 and 2

    Chapter 3

    Herbarium 1: Carnations - In the churchyard, Hugo will walk up to it to initiate its collection.

    Chapter 4

    Herbarium 2: Aquilegia - Behind Laurentius's house, by a tree. Keep going around the right until you get there.

    Chapter 5

    Herbarium 3: Gladiolus - When the way splits and Hugo runs through the aqueduct to the ahead, turn left. A bit uphill and all the way back to where the river. Hugo will come back and follow you to collect his next flower.

    Chapter 6 has no flowers

    Chapter 7

    Herbarium 4:Hawthorn - After the mill, you'll enter an old village. Inside the very last house on the right you'll find it.

    Chapter 8

    Herbarium 5: St John's Wort - After the cutscene where you hang the necklaces on the tree branches. Hugo is kneeling next to it.

    Chapter 9

    Herbarium 6: Lavender - Right at the start of the level, behind a tree and a fallen trunk on the left hand side. It’s tucked in fairly well.

    Chapter 10

    Herbarium 7: Daisy - Inside the room were the rats were. After you've let the rats out (via some lights) to kill the guards, go in and find the daisy.

    Chapter 11

    Herbarium 8: Rhododendron - On the ground in the outer ring to the right of the one you first come down to. When you are supposed to be looking at the symbol on the ground with Rodric, just ignore him and head over.

    Chapter 12

    Herbarium 9: Cinquefoil - Immediately after exiting the house, take a left and follow the path round.

    Chapter 13

    Herbarium 10: Daffodil - After the 'vision' you will find Hugo. After releasing him, look for an opening between the trees on the right. Hugo will walk to it, the sun is shining on it so it’s pretty obvious.

    Chapter 14

    Herbarium 11: Black Nightshade - Found in the garden, in the back right corner from where you entered, between some hedges.

    Chapter 15

    Herbarium 12: Rockfoils - At the beginning of the chapter, after going through the door that's closest to Lucas. Take a right.

    Chapter 16

    Herbarium 13: Christmas Rose - When the guards come looking for you while Rodric is trying to knock the door down, kill them all, then go through that door they came from to find the herbarium at the end of the pathway near some grass.

    Full Collectibles Video and text guide here: LINK

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