Light Sleeper Trophy in A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV

  • Light Sleeper


    Finish a Dream Battle in under 1 minute.

    How to unlock Light Sleeper

    I found Quick Mix to be a good one to earn this on. Group enemies together and unleash magic on them. Defeat Skeletons and Ronins as you normally would. Knock Bombs into other enemies as well. Armiger takes time but does plenty of damage. Only use it if you think you're comfortable on time or desperate as you reach the last 15 or so seconds. I beat this in 49 seconds, so it definitely doable in under a minute.

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  • Got this one on Big Game Hunting. It's just Coeurls and Bees (plus Garula dodging). Power Slash and Cid is all I used.
  • Also easy on Quick Mix, finished it in 00:47.
  • Im having such a tough time with i doing something wrong?
  • #2 is right, Quick Fix is the way to go. Just got it in 39 seconds by going all out on the enemies. Used lots of magic and companions as soon as they were available
  • Quick mix first time in 51 seconds! Easy

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