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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (personal estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 13 (9, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3-5 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: None reported.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No. You can play on Normal or Casual.
  • Do trophies stack?: Nothing to stack.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: There are no known cheats.


A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV is a prequel/side story set in the Final Fantasy XV universe. King Regis is telling his young son, Noctis, a bedtime story. Bored of the usual fairy tales, Noctis asks his father to tell him a story of a past adventure he's been on. The game depicts the events of the story King Regis tells. The game is a classic side-scrolling beat'em up. You'll come across a handful of different enemies in its relatively short story. When you're done with that, you have 25 different Dream Battles to tackle in pursuit of 100%.


Step One: Play through the story.

The Story only lasts for 1–1.5 hours. Sit back and enjoy. You'll have some opportunities to earn miscellaneous trophies along the way, but getting them now isn't an urgent matter and you may earn a few of them naturally.

Completing this step should get you:

The End

Step Two: Die ten times and fail during the final boss fight.

If you haven't died ten times nor failed during the final boss fight, this is the best time to do just that. Click "Story Mode" and then "Continue" and you'll be placed right in front of the final boss fight. Take this opportunity to get whichever trophy you need.

I highly suggest you do this before starting a new game for whatever reason (such as using the beginning portion of the game to get Combo King) since there is no chapter select.

Completing this step should get you:

Bedtime Blunder
Still Awake?

Step Three: Dream Battles

There are 25 Dream Battles with each having an optional challenge, however you will be required to do them for the trophies. Dream Battles pit you against waves and waves of enemies. Each Dream Battle has a challenge such as completing the battle without the use of Magic. You must complete all the 25 Dream Battles challenges. You'll pick up a few trophies along the way such as the trophy for killing 1000 enemies and completing a Dream Battle without taking damage.

Completing this step should get you:

Sweet Dreams
Fallen Army
I Dream of Awesome

Step Four: Miscellaneous Clean Up

If by any chance you still have some trophies remaining to unlock, now is the time to finish them off. The most likely trophy would be Combo King, but you may have a few others as well.

Completing this step should get you:

Combo King
Lights Out
Light Sleeper
Group Discount
Big Bang
Return to Sender
100% Completion

[PST Would Like to Thank mcolwander90 for this Road Map]

A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV Trophy Guide

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13 trophies ( 9  )

  • Complete all Dream Battle Special Challenges.

    You unlock Dream Battles once you complete the main story. There are 25 Dream Battles total and each has a special challenge.

    1. Warriors of the Night – Complete the battle without the use of magic.
      Utilize companions and Armiger. Cid is a great crowd control companion. You'll only be dealing with Skeletons, Ronins and Goblins, so they shouldn't pose much of a threat.
    2. Beasts of the Duscae Wilds – Activate Cid in battle three or more times.
      To activate Cid, build up your combo enough so companions are available for use. Then press + to call him into battle. He's easily the most useful companion, so you'll get use to using him a lot. Once you've used him three times, proceed as normal until the end of the challenge.
    3. Royal Octopus Army – Defeat three or more enemies using a single Armiger.
      Best way to do this is to perform a Battle Bond. To do so, use each companion before using your Armiger. You must do so without getting hit or you'll lose your progress in building your Armiger meter. When ready, activate it with and you should kill at least three enemies in the process. Just make sure there are actually three enemies on the field when you activate it.
    4. Urban Brawl – Complete the battle without the use of companions.
      You can still use Armiger. Utilize Magic as well. Knock Bombs into enemies. Deflect projectiles whenever possible. Use Shield Stun ( ) on Midgardsomrs.
    5. Melee by Moonlight – Use every magic type and every companion at least once during battle.
      You have three types of Magic: Fire, Thunder and Blizzard. Your MP bar is divided into three sections. To use Magic, hold until your desired level. Holding it until just after the first section will unleash basic Fire/Thunder/Blizzard. Holding it all the way will get you Firaga/Thundaga/Blizzaga. Select which element to use with the directional pad. Use each element once. I recommend sticking to just level one magic until you've used each of them.

      You'll also need to activate all three companions. You have three companions: Cid ( + ), Weskham ( + ), and Clarus ( + ). Activate each of them once. You do this by building up your combo until they're available for use. When you use one, you must build your combo up again. A combo ends when you are hit.
    6. Justicar's Judgement – Survive the battle without taking any damage.
      Not as difficult as it sounds. You have to survive for four minutes, which then you can use the Crystal to summon an Astral and end the battle. Kill off your biggest threats: the Killer Bee and the Bomb. Then simply run around and avoid enemies until the Crystal is available for use. I just ran around the perimeter of the field. If a Ronin is close, roll past them.
    7. Gaia's Gigas – Perform 10 Aerial Smashes during battle.
      To perform an Aerial Smash, you must first do a Rising Fury ( ) Then immediately hit again to perform an Aerial Smash. Ronins are pretty easy to use this on. The Red Ronins you'll have to smack them with otherwise they block your hits.
    8. Lightning on the Plains – Dispatch 10 or more enemies with fire.
      You have plenty of time to do this as it's a Crystal battle, which doesn't end until you activate the Crystal after a certain amount of time has passed. There are Flans who will die with one hit of Fire (as long as they aren't Red Flans). Don't forget to grab the MP they drop! Make the most of your fires. I assume deaths by oil fires count as well, so make sure you hit oil puddles. As soon as you're confident you have ten fire kills, activate the Crystal to end the challenge.
    9. Global Warming – Perform 10 Aerial Bashes during battle.
      To perform an Aerial Bash, you must first do a Rising Fury ( ) Then immediately hit again to perform an Aerial Bash. Ronins are pretty easy to use this on. The Red Ronins you'll have to smack them with otherwise they block your hits.
    10. Tidal Torment – Freeze 20 or more enemies with ice magic over the course of the battle.
      You have all the time in the world as this is a Crystal battle. Group enemies together and use your stage one Blizzard to hit as many enemies as possible (for as little MP as possible). You should get to 20 in no time. Once the Crystal is available, activate it as soon as you're confident you've completed the task.
    11. Onslaught – Activate each companion's attack three times during battle.
      See #5 Melee by Moonlight for more details about activating companions.

      I went one at a time, so one companion three times before moving on to the next. There are plenty of enemies and opportunities. I think I had enough opportunity to active each five times, so three should not be a problem.
    12. Slow Night – Extinguish 5 or more lamps during battle.
      To extinguish a Tonberry's lamp, you must hit it with Blizzard. If you're in its lamp's light, you'll move slower, so it's in your advantage to do this anyways. There are more than enough Tonberries to extinguish five lamps.
    13. Slithering Surprise – Shield Stun 5 or more Midgardsormrs during battle.
      To perform a Shield Stun, press . Midgardsormr are the snake creatures that emerge from underground, attack and go back under. As soon as one pops up, make sure you're behind it and perform this move. This temporarily prevents the Midgardsormr from going back underground, and is the most effect way to defeat these enemies.
    14. Two by Two; Red and Blue – Complete the battle without the use of companions or magic.
      You can use Armiger, so use that whenever possible. Roll past Iron Giants when they're about to attack and attack them from behind. Focus on one Iron Giant at a time. The further they are apart, the easier they are to dispatch.
    15. Quick Mix – Defeat three or more enemies during a single Armiger.
      See #3 Royal Octopus Army.

      I managed to earn I Dream of Awesome in the process, but that's not necessary for this. It's also an easy Battle to earn Light Sleeper.
    16. Blades and Bones – Survive the battle without taking any damage.
      The only enemies are Skeletons, Ronins and the occasional Malboro. Skeletons are easily dispatched with Cyclone and Ronins are easily dispatched with Heavy Strike. Make sure you kill Malboros as soon as they spawn as their breath can be detrimental to your success. There are oil spots on the field, you can light on fire. This will damage enemies as they walk on them. Use Cid and Magic for needed crowd control. Armiger never hurts, but are more valuable when faced with Malboros.
    17. Steel, Born of Fire – Dispatch 15 or more ronins with bomb detonations.
      Damage Ronins before knocking Bombs into them. Also helps to hit the Bombs a few times so they increase in size and blast damage. Make every Bomb count as their numbers are fairly limited.
    18. No Ribbon for You – Complete the battle without suffering any status effects.
      Simply watch out for Malboros. Kill them as fast as possible. Cid is great for crowd control and Armiger can make easy work of them. Their bad breath is easy to avoid as long you keep your distance.
    19. Big Game Hunting – Dispatch 3 or more Garulas.
      Garulas are the big buffalo-like creatures that won't do anything unless you go near them. They begin charging, knocking you around if you're in their path. Armiger will make quick work of them. Blizzard will slow them down giving you more time to take them out. Just kill three and proceed to the end of the battle.
    20. The Bigger They Are… - Complete the battle without the use of companions.
      You'll be fighting Flans, Iron Giants and Behemoths. No more than two larger enemies at once thankfully. Flans mostly serve as a way to recharge your Magic, which you should be using. Blizzard is nice as it slows enemies down. Thunder is nice as well if you get everyone on the giant puddle. You can use Armiger, but don't use companions.
    21. Stomp Bothering Me – Dispatch 6 or more Garulas.
      Similar to Big Game Hunting, except you need to kill twice as many Garulas. There are no shortage of them in this battle. Make sure you kill them as you see them.
    22. Flantastic – Complete the battle without the use of magic.
      Luckily, you can use Armiger and companions! Attacking Flans can easily build up your combo. Cid is very effective in this, so line up enemies and activate him.
    23. Bashteroids – Complete the battle in less than 2 minutes.
      You do need to be quick with this one as 2 minutes is not lenient. Utilize Bombs as much as possible. Hope that falling rocks kill larger/many enemies. Takes a bit of luck.
    24. Deflection Year – Complete the battle without the use of magic or companions.
      The secret to this is deflecting projectiles. You'll be faced with Killer Bees, Cactuars and Tonberries. Be ready to deflect projectiles as they're fired at you. This launches the projectile back at whoever shot it. As for Tonberries, using Cyclone ( ) works well on them.
    25. King of Pain – Stun 20 or more enemies with lightning.
      Time to fight the final boss again! How to defeat him is exactly the same as before. You must stun at least 20 enemies with lightning in the process. Line up the enemies and unleash your stage one lightning magic. Once you’re confident you have 20 stuns, finish the battle.
  • Complete Story Mode.

    Story released and cannot be missed.

    Story mode is short and should only take 1–1.5 hours to beat. Here's how to defeat the final boss:

    This very familiar boss has four phases. The first three are virtually the same.

    Ultros has tentacles aplenty across the field. Destroy them all while avoiding enemies (you can use enemies to refill HP and MP). Once you destroy his tentacles, he'll speak. Avoid the rocks that fall. These rocks will kill enemies, so it's not all bad. Ultros will then be hit by a rock and become vulnerable. Attack him. Repeat the process twice more. The final phase, he'll have a hold of a Crystal and start to drag it toward himself. Destroy the tentacle holding the Crystal. As soon as you do, you'll automatically summon an Astral and defeat Ultros. Failure to finish him off here will earn you Bedtime Blunder, but you'll have to start the entire fight over again.

    There you go! You've defeated Ultros and he'll never wreak havoc in Regis' Kingdom again! Or will he!?

  • Defeat 1000 enemies.

    You will get this naturally in pursuit of 100%. I think I got this after my 5th Dream Battle challenge. You'll defeat well over 1000 enemies.

  • Perform every move in one combo string.

    There are 11 combos you must do. You must do them all without getting hit or the level ending. Doesn't matter how long it takes between combos, or the order, as long you do them. I ended up starting a new game on Casual and did every combo on the beginning enemies. They're few in numbers allowing you to work on these combos without being overwhelmed. I found that you can't do aerial combos until the game introduces you to them, so focus on the basic combos first (if you're going for the trophy in this location).

    Most of the combos begin with Rising Fury ( ). This will launch enemies in the air making aerial combos possible.

    The combos are:

    Power Slam:
    Heavy Strike:
    Shield Push:
    Shield Stun:
    Rising Fury:
    Aerial Smash: >
    Aerial Bash: >

    And also the following three unnamed moves as well:

    > >
    > >
    > >

    Note: While it's listed as a combo in-game, Blaze Naruto Shippuden has confirmed that Aerial Slash ( > ) is not required for this trophy.

  • Use the Armiger on a tonberry.

    To use the Armiger, you must build up your combo without getting hit. Once you've filled it up, press . To earn this trophy, you must hit a Tonberry with it. It doesn't matter when in the Armiger sequence it gets hit. Tonberries are the green hooded creatures holding a lamp. Very dangerous with their knives, as always, since they can one-hit kill you.

  • Finish a Dream Battle in under 1 minute.

    I found Quick Mix to be a good one to earn this on. Group enemies together and unleash magic on them. Defeat Skeletons and Ronins as you normally would. Knock Bombs into other enemies as well. Armiger takes time but does plenty of damage. Only use it if you think you're comfortable on time or desperate as you reach the last 15 or so seconds. I beat this in 49 seconds, so it definitely doable in under a minute.

  • Finish a Dream Battle without taking damage.

    There are two challenges that require you to do this: Justicar's Judgement and Blades and Bones. Neither are too difficult. See Sweet Dreams for more details on each challenge.

  • Kill 5 or more enemies with one spell.

    If you don't get this in Story mode, start the Flantastic Dream Battle. It is what you think it is: A battle full of Flan! They are easily dispatched by Magic, so you should have no problems earning this trophy in that battle. Charge your magic for maximum range and damage. Remember, Flans are immune to the magic they their color coincide with (ex: Red Flans are immune to Fire).

  • Execute the Bonds of Battle.

    Over the course of Story mode, you'll gain three allies. If you build your combo enough, they'll become available for you to use. Simply use each of them before finally using your Armiger with . You cannot be hit in between. I found Flans to be an easy way to build up combos. They're slow, don't attack often, they split into two mini-Flans if you hit them enough and they take one damage per hit. You can get this as soon as Clarus joins the party late in the Story.

  • Detonate 3 bombs simultaneously.

    There are a few good places to get this. I got this naturally during the story not long after reaching Duscae. Steel, Born of Fire and Bashteroids have their fair share of Bombs as well if you've already completed the story. Find yourself in a battle where there are three or more Bombs on screen. Wait until they group up. Then deflect one of the Bombs into the others with If three or more Bombs detonate, the trophy will pop.

  • Get the alternate story ending.

    To earn this, you must die or fail the final phase of the final boss battle (See The End for more info). If you've completed the game, you can select "Continue" and you'll be placed right before the battle.

    However, do not start a new game before you have this trophy or else you must play the entire story again to get another shot.

  • Die 10 times in Story Mode.

    Self-explanatory. It must be done in the same playthrough. Once you complete the game, press "Continue" and you'll be placed right before the final boss. Simply die however many more times necessary. If you start a New Game, your death count will reset.

  • Deflect 50 stingers or needles.

    If you don't obtain this in Story mode, Deflection Year is a challenge that encourages this as you'll be faced with many Killer Bees and Cactuars. Pay attention to them and watch for when they shoot their stinger or needles. Press as they are about to hit you and you'll deflect the projectiles back the enemies. This is almost a requirement to complete Deflection Year.

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