Savior of Blobolonia (Citadel 6) Trophy in A Boy and His Blob

  • Savior of Blobolonia (Citadel 6)


    Rescue all of the captured blobs of level Citadel 6


    How to unlock Savior of Blobolonia (Citadel 6)


    In certain Citadel stages, you will come across caged blobs. Most of these will be directly in your path, but some you have to seek out. The way to free them is to feed them a balloon jellybean – the only time it's actually useful throughout the entire game. Freed blobs stay freed, so if you die after freeing some, don't worry about saving them again. Citadel 6 has 12 blobs to free – one just past the first door, two by the second treasure chest (in the first door area), four at the end of the second door area (all directly in your path), one at the very beginning of the third door area, one just after the previous blob, one after breaking through the floor, one soon after (you'll see it when you free the previous one), one next to the third treasure chest, and one right next to the exit jellybeans.

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  • I think this trophy is bugged. Got all 12 and did not get credit.

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