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  • Finished the game


    Beat the final boss

    How to unlock Finished the game

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    After defeating the emperor boss in the citadel, you'll find yourself back in the tree hideout. You may notice that an extra page has been tacked on to the level select map. There are two more forest world stages you must play through – with three treasure chests in each – before you reach the final boss.

    The final boss is surprisingly simple. As soon as you are able, use the shield jellybean on the blob and hold to start blocking. The boss will fire a ball of light at you – reflect it back into him twice and he'll be stunned. Turn into the mech – the animation takes a while, so you need to be quick – and hold to hit the boss until it puts up a shield and you can't hit it anymore. Next, turn into the bouncy ball and get ready to dodge the enemies the boss will rain down upon you. After the second set of enemies, use the bouncy ball to jump up onto the top platform, as the boss will fill the stage with acid.

    As soon as you are on the top platform, switch back to your shield and start blocking to start the cycle over again. Do this three times in total and you will have defeated the final boss and earned this trophy.

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