Passed the forest Trophy in A Boy and His Blob

  • Passed the forest


    Complete the forest world

    How to unlock Passed the forest

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    The forest world initially has ten stages and a boss battle, but will gain two extra stages and an additional boss fight once you've completed the citadel world. However, this trophy will unlock once you've finished the initial ten stages and the boss fight.

    The snake boss at the end of the forest world is rather simple. First, throw an anvil jelly bean into the middle of the stage to bait the snake into striking at the blob. At this point, some wires will come down from the sky. Feed the blob a trampoline jelly bean and jump up and stand on one of the platforms attached to the wire. Jump over to the platform by the electricity, and wait for the snake to start to strike, then jump over the electricity so the snake electrocutes itself. You will fall back to the ground. Finally, the snake will jump into the air and you'll see its silhouette moving slowly from one side of the screen to the other. Throw a hole jellybean so it lands where the silhouette stops (you'll have a bit of time), so that the snake will dive straight into the hole. Congratulations on defeating the first boss!

    Important note: If, like me, you turned off the game after defeating the snake boss, and upon returning found that you were still in the forest world then you're going to need to beat the boss again (play the final forest level again, and you'll be taken to the boss) and complete the small interim stage to get to the next hideout. Surprisingly, the game does not auto-save your place in the overworld after defeating bosses, so be careful! This applies to all bosses of the game.

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