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    Story-Related. Cannot Be Missed

    In order to unlock this trophy, you need to complete the 5th Stage in Story Mode. It's a short and sweet stage that will test what you've learned in the previous 4 stages. You've come far so take a deep breath and tackle the level with patience. Below is a detailed strategy on how to approach and defeat each enemy in Level 5.

    Archer (Difficulty: Medium): The Archer is a combination of the Mage and the Guard. At first, use the attack you wish in order to block the arrows he throws at you. Once you're close to him, he will draw his sword and will practically turn into a guard. Follow the same tactic here and you should be able to defeat him in no time

    Black Knight: Check in Level 1 for more information.

    Imperial Guard: Check in Level 3 for more information.

    (BOSS) The King (Difficulty: Impossible): This is the final boss of the game. The King has 2 phases. In the first phase, he will attack you with his horse. Things are easy here, simply hit his enormous sword with 3 times in order to force him abandon the horse. Now here's where the real trouble starts. You need to be some kind of God in order to be able to block his inhumanly fast attacks so this is not the way to approach him. Make sure to have as much health as possible (1.5 Health Bars is recommended). Now, slowly guide your character close to him but not close enough to attack you. Once you're in position to use your attack, he will be able to attack you as well. The key here is to beat him on time. If you manage to do so, then you will block his attack and deal him some damage. When you do it for the first time, you will immediately see that he's not as hard as he looks so rinse and repeat the procedure for 4 more times you should be able to kill him. Continue walking until you reach the balcony and watch the credits with a smile on your face.

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