Level 4 Trophy

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    Beat level 4

    Story-Related. Cannot Be Missed

    In order to unlock this trophy, you need to complete the 4th Stage in Story Mode. This is by far the hardest stage in the game so you will spend most of your time here. The enemies here are fast and unforgiving but with patience and practice, you can pull through. Below is a detailed strategy on how to approach and defeat each enemy in Level 4.

    Reindeer (Difficulty: Easy): This enemy is the same as the Bull in the 1st Stage but with the difference that his horns can block your attacks. For this Reindeer, use to attack him when he's close enough and you should be able to move on.

    Forest Native (Difficulty: Hard): The Native here is pretty much a much faster version of the Peasant, who we met in the 1st Stage. He attacks with a bamboo stick from all sides with a very fast pace. Precision and good timing is the key to success here. Learn to block his attacks successfully and hit him whenever you can. It's going to take some time until you are able to block all of his attacks but if you stick to the plan, you will eventually manage to do so.

    Reindeer: (Check Above): Instead of using to attack it, use as only his right side will be exposed.

    Troll (Difficulty: Medium): He may looking tough but he's pretty easy to kill. Get inside his attacking range in order to force him attack you and immediately roll back to safety. While he's busy picking up his enormous weapon, get up close and personal with him and use the "Attack and Roll" technique as many times as it takes to bring him down.

    Forest Native: Check Above

    Reindeer (Difficulty: Medium): Here you will face 4-5 Reindeer in a row and you need to attack them by using either if the horns are pointing on the character or if one of the horns is pointing at the screen. Deal with them as you've dealt with the Bulls and the Horsemen and you should be good to go.

    Werewolf (Difficulty: Hard): The Werewolf carries 2 massive swords and his attacks are incredibly fast. If you try to attack him from a distance he'll back away so you need to time your attacks perfectly. Approach him or wait for him to approach you and when he reaches a distance you think you should be able to attack him, press before he can use his attack against you. It will take some time to master but it's nowhere as time-consuming as the Forest Native are.

    (BOSS) Purple Knight (Difficulty: Hard): Ηe is practically the Black Knight, only bigger, faster and with a wider range. Before attacking him, approach him a few times so you will be able to learn his attacks how fast he uses each one. Once you're ready, use what you've learned against the Black Knight, while spamming the "Attack and Roll" technique and after 8 hits you will be able to complete the Stage.

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