Cloggage Trophy

  • Cloggage


    Drown in the bathroom


    Near the end of the game, you'll be locked in a bathroom with no toilet. Open the faucet on the tub and just keep examining stuff in the room to fill it with water and drown you, unlocking this trophy.

    To actually move on with the story, you will want to open the faucet and then keep trying to open the light in the ceiling – the water will bring you close enough to open it so you can go through.

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  • Uninvited In the bathroom before the attic, turn on the bathtub faucet. Keep making actions until the room floods.
  • Can't unlocked this trophy. I just keep exam and nothinh happened. If i look at the water, a message says "the water flows into the drain"
  • This video shows how to do it -
  • I’ve just achieved this and can confirm you have to wait until you return to the bathroom right at the end of the game in order to be able to flood the room.
  • Yes, unlocked it just before the endgame. Thanks.

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