Archmage Trophy in 4 Elements HD

  • Archmage


    Reach a total score of 200000

    How to unlock Archmage

    Comes naturally from playing the game. Got it on level 52 but your mileage may vary.

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  • i completed the last level and still only have 168 000 points and so i thought i'd re play an easy level but the score only went up by the difference??? so how do i get more points i guess i just have to re-try all the levels again ? ggrrrr
  • only got 178k points after beating all levels.
  • Try harder guys... You can do it...!!
  • In level 59 I achieved my 200K points... So it is really doable! Having issues finding chain of 20 and 30 :-( Tips???
  • Found a tip! My wife supported me!! She can help you getting all trophies... her ID is: B_R_U_U_D_J_E Just add her and ask her ;-)
  • You need an average score of 3'125 per level (x 64 = 200'000). After you've done all 64 levels, go back to the very first levels and replay them: In most of the first levels you can get 5000+ points easily. Just let the timer run down almost to 0 and use the time to create chains with 5 or more elements, then end the level before time runs out. If that isn't enough, check in which levels you were clearly under 3'125 points and replay them. @orvall: I've done both 20/30 chains trophies in level 14: It's quite fair and simple there.
  • Hello.The trofis are verry nice.Good luck for your next catcht! SEE YOU-

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