• Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 0 (online only)
  • Online trophies: 34 (14, 15, 4, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 100+ hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Multiple games
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: Yes, 1 - possibly Slam Dunk!
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, there are EU, NA, Asia, JP and China stacks but do note that the Chinese version was delisted a long time ago so is no longer available.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.


3on3 Freestyle is very similar to NBA Street. With two modes (1 on 1, and 3 on 3), the choice of characters and the skills that come with them will definitely remind players of the previous games. Although it is online only, it is a free-to-play game. Even though it has micro-transactions, none are required (nor do they give you an advantage). In this game, you upgrade the character of your choice using xp drinks to level up each and every characteristic in order to improve your game. There are no trick shots, no advantages that aren't earned, and no "pay to play".

This game is a grind. The 100+ hours doesn't do it justice. Even if you won all 350 required matches across modes back-to-back, you would still have to grind out 50+ hours to get the rest of the xp required to get to level 30. Don't let that discourage you. This game is fun if you are into basketball games. In the walkthrough below, feel free to switch steps 1 and 2. I put them in that order because 3 on 3 is the longest and since you are grinding it out anyways, most trophies can be earned there thus it will make 1 on 1 mode much easier.

  • When buying xp drinks for levelling up characters, only buy "Large" ones. There is no discount for buying in bulk, so just buy them as you need them.
  • If you can, log in daily even if you can't play. Each day you either get 1,000 credits and an FS Log, or a medium xp drink and FS Log.
  • Only focus on levelling up 3 characters. One either Center or Power Forward, and the other two can be two of a Shooting Guard, Point Guard, or Small Forward.
  • If your game freezes during tip-off, don't quit. If you wait it out long enough, and someone from the other team quits first, it counts as a win.
  • When going for 10 wins in a row, find two decent partners to attempt it with you. There's nothing more annoying than hitting 9 wins then ending up on the worst team ever.
  • Don't be a ball-hog. Make sure you pass to whoever's open, always attempt the rebound, steal when you can, and don't force bad shots when the defence is up in your face.


Step 1: 3 on 3 Mode

During this step, you will be knocking out a majority of the trophies. In 3-on-3 mode, you will be picking the best player you have in order to win each game. The goal is to eventually get to 300 wins in this mode while earning trophies throughout by either scoring, helping others score, or playing some serious defence. There are quite a few trophies in this mode that are a grind. During this step you will earn:

Thrilling Comeback!!
To Be Continued? 9,8,7…
Joey to the world!!
C'mon, Say My Name
3on3 FreeStyle 101
Ain't using no Hack Tools
I don’t Hangout
Time to use the "Share" Button
Pay Attention
Volleyball background, yo!
Slam Dunk!
Don’t Lose it
Get out of my kitchen!
My wife is not around
Lord of the Rim
Mmm...XP Drinks
Thank you for losing
Impossible is Nothing, Really?
Join E-Sports Team Now!
Madly Max
Master of 3on3 FreeStyle
Man of the Year

Step 2: 1 on 1 Mode

In this step, you pick one character you want to play as while selecting two others that will fill out your team with AI. By now, you should have at least 3 characters levelled up. If you read the tips from earlier they should be at different positions. I would recommend at least one center levelled up, the other two can be of your choosing. If you have a solid 3-star/4-star team, it shouldn't be a problem completing this step due to the fact that most people you play will only have one good character. During this step you will earn:

Leave me alone
No Dribble, No Dunk, just 3PT
The King of the Street

Step 3: Clean-up

By now you should have earned all of the trophies. If not, I recommend grinding the rest out in 3 on 3 mode as it gives you the most credits and xp. During this step you will earn any remaining trophies as well as:

Hall of Fame

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34 trophies ( 15  14  2  )

  • Collect every trophy in 3on3 FreeStyle

    As with any platinum, earn the rest of the given trophies and the platinum is your reward.
  • MVP 200 times - "3vs3 Mode only"

    MVP or Most Valuable Player is the title earned when you have the most points at the end of the match. While this does include in-game points, other things factor into it as well. Rebounds, Assists, Blocks, Steals, Loose Balls, and, of course, in-game points.

    Here is the formula for the title of MVP:

    2 points=1 rebound=1 assist=1 steal=1 block=1 loose ball

    With the formula above, basically it takes 2 points to equal one of any other point. This proves that it doesn't pay to be a ball-hog. While you can still earn MVP by trying to score all the points, it's a lot less likely.

    I recommend playing Center for this. It makes it easier to get under the basket in order get rebounds, blocks, and assists. Points will come regardless of what position you play, but being the man under the basket gives you the best shot (in most cases) to be MVP.
  • Win 300 Matches - "3vs3 Mode only"

    This must be done in 3 on 3 mode. It's a lot easier if you run with a crew of 3 to where you have 1 center and 2 shooters of some sort. If not, and you're playing with unknown online users, try to call a timeout and switch your role in order to fill your team out the way I described. Even with this trophy being a grind, it should come with time (A LOT of time). At any time, go to the "manage/stats" menu and check your total games and win percentage for 3 on 3 mode.
  • Reach Level 20 (Max)

    Level 20 will usually take somewhere between 350-500 games, depending on your win/loss ratio. This trophy is deceiving as you can continue to progress beyond level 20. At any time in the main menu you can look at the top-right-hand corner of your screen to check your current level and see how much xp is needed to reach the next level.
  • 10 Winning Streak - "3vs3 Mode only"

    With the games servers being the way they are (unreliable), I HIGHLY recommend finding two other players to run with in order to get this trophy. Besides your average win, there are other ways to tally another on to the streak. Sometimes, the game will freeze up during the jump off. This leaves all players just using the quick chat waiting for someone to quit. If your team understands to just wait it out, someone on the otherside will eventually quit and this will count as a win for your team. Get to 10 wins in a row and this is yours.
  • Win 100 Matches - "3vs3 Mode only"

    See Master of 3on3 FreeStyle
  • Win 50 Matches - "1on1 Mode only"

    I recommend waiting until after you've finished 3 on 3 mode to even go for this unless it's driving you mad not having it sooner. The goal here is to pick your character and 2 AI characters to play against another team online. By the end of 3 on 3 mode, you will have (hopefully) 3 players at different positions leveled up. This will help out greatly when playing against others, as a 4-star AI player on your team is almost as good (and sometimes, better) as having a live player on your team. Win 50 matches and this is yours.
  • 7 Winning Streak - "3vs3 Mode only"

    See Join E-Sports Team Now!
  • Reach Grade 5 with any character (First Time)

    Each 10 xp levels you reach, you will get a "master" book. In order to level a character up to level 5, you will need your xp level at least to level 30. To level up a character, you will need xp drinks. DO NOT buy anything but Large xp drinks. It's the most bang for your buck, and every other size is just a waste of credits. You will also need books in order to "prestige" your character once he reaches level 10. Every day you log in you will get rewards. Either 1,000 credits and an FS album, or a medium xp drink and an FS album. Make sure you spend these on characters you use and intend to play with. Find this menu under "manage" to highlight the character of your choice. This is where you will find the area to level up, and prestige your character when he/she is ready. Get one character to prestige 5 (5 star) and this trophy is yours.
  • MVP 50 times - "3vs3 Mode only"

    See Man of the Year
  • Reach Level 10

    See Madly Max
  • Score 3,000 points total in any game mode

    This is cumulative across both modes. This will come naturally over time while going for other trophies, as the 3-point trophy will put you at 900 alone. Any shot/dunk inside the arch is worth 2 points. Anything outside the arch is 3. Get a total of 3,000 and this trophy is yours.
  • Play 150 Matches total in any game mode

    This is cumulative across both modes. These do not need to be wins, just fully-played games. The only games that do not count are the "No Contest" games due to people disconnecting in the first 30 seconds of the game.
  • Get 1000 Assists total in any game mode

    This is cumulative across game modes. An assist is essentially just a pass, but it actually allows someone to score. You will know it is a successful assist when the green "ASSIST" shows across your character. Unfortunately, there is no exact counter for this, only a spot on the stats menu of an average assists-per-game.
  • Get 500 Rebound total in any game mode

    This is cumulative across game modes. A rebound is when your character catches the ball after it makes contact with the rim/backboard. You will know it's a successful rebound as your character will flash white for a split-second and your controller will vibrate. Unfortunately, there is no exact counter for this, only a spot on the stats menu of an average rebound-per-game.
  • Get 500 Loose Balls total in any game mode

    This is cumulative across game modes. Loose balls is essentially a rebound that hasn't made contact with the rim or backboard. When you get a loose ball, your controller will vibrate and if you are inside the arch, you will have to either pass or take the ball out in order to attempt to score.
  • Get 500 Dunks total in any game mode

    Possibly Glitched!

    This is cumulative across game modes. Until you level up a character to where he/she has "Dunk at will" as a skill, dunks are by chance. This will allow you to press instead of the usual in order to perform a dunk. I recommend upgrading a center like Luther or Big Dog, or possibly a Power Forward in order to go for this. A Dunk is when your character slams the ball through the rim. Unfortunately, there is no counter for this, only an average blocks-per-game stat.
  • Get 300 Blocks total in any game mode

    This is cumulative across game modes. In order to perform a block, press while on defence just as the opposing team is attempting to shoot or dunk. You will know it was successful as the ball will go flying. If you upgrade certain centers or power forwards you can also unlock the "block and catch" skill, which allows you to press and keep the ball after blocking. Unfortunately, there is no counter for this. Only an average blocks-per-game stat.
  • Score 300 3PT shots total in any game mode

    This is cumulative across game modes. A 3 point shot is an attempted score from outside the arch on the court. I recommend levelling up a Shooting Guard, Point Guard, or Small Forward. The bigger characters just don't have the stats in the long distance to consistently shoot 3's. Unfortunately, there is no counter for this. Shooting 3 pointers are easier when you are wide open, as it greatly increases your chance of success.

    Note: I recommend doing this in 1 on 1 mode, because it's easier to get the AI to pass to you than it is real players.
  • Get 100 Steals total in any game mode

    This is cumulative across game modes. In order to perform a steal, press while on the ground next to an opponent who currently has the ball. You will know it was successful if your controller vibrates and the ball either pops out, or rolls away from whoever previously had it. Unfortunately, there is no counter for this.
  • Win 10 Matches - "3vs3 Mode only"

    See Madly Max
  • Win 10 Matches - "1on1 Mode only"

    These wins do not have to be "in a row". Simply pick the best three characters you have leveled-up, and as long as you have the better score when the times runs out, this trophy will be yours at the end of the 10th win.
  • Play 20 Matches total in any game mode

    The shortest way to get this is to play 1 on 1 mode, as these matches are literally half as long as 3 on 3 matches. This will come naturally while going for the platinum.
  • Score 1,000 points total in any game mode

    See Lord of the Rim
  • Use Substitution 50 times

    This is only attainable in 3 on 3 mode. You can either wait until half-time, or press the and as long as one other member of your team wants it you can call a timeout. During this timeout it will allow you and your team to switch characters. At a max you can switch your character 3 times in a match, given you and the opposing team calls a timeout. This should come naturally on your way to your platinum.
  • 3 Winning Streak - "3vs3 Mode only"

    See Join E-Sports Team Now!
  • Use Game-point to buy item at the Item shop for the first time

    Upon starting the game, hit then go to shop. In this area, purchase any one thing and this trophy is yours. Most likely it will come naturally while trying to level a character up to prestige 5.
  • Unlock 6 characters

    You can unlock extra characters by going to the "manage" menu for 15,000 credits. This trophy is slightly misleading, as you start off the game with 5 characters. Unlock any "locked' character for 15,000 credits and this trophy is yours.

    NOTE: I recommend Luther but go with whoever you like.
  • Play a Match after forming with two Users - "3vs3 Mode only"

    Like most games, you can invite friends or previous people you have played with to join your in-game "party". Either use the partner thread or simply invite people until you have 2 more in 3 on 3 mode and this trophy should pop by the end of the match.
  • Reach Level 5

    Each match, win or lose, will give you experience points. 1 on 1 mode gives you 110 for wins, while 3 on 3 gives you 220. Once you hit level 5, which will be directly after a win, the trophy will pop.
  • MVP for the first time - "3vs3 Mode only"

    See Man of the Year
  • Finish a Match with JOEY

    This will most likely be your first trophy. Joey is a Shooting Guard that is automatically picked for you the first time you try and play the game, unless you decide to choose otherwise. If you miss this, simply select Joey the next game and the trophy will pop when the match is over.

Secret trophies

  • Lose 50 Matches

    This will come naturally because when playing 3 on 3 mode, you won't always be paired with the best team. Considering this game is such a grind, losing 50 will most likely come way before hitting level 20.
  • Get a winning Buzzer Beater

    This can be done ONLY in 3 on 3 mode. In order to get a "buzzer beater" the score must either be tied, or your team has to be down by two or less points. As the clock winds down, if you are the one to score the last shot that causes your team to win (a tie will not work) you will hear the announcer say "beat the buzzer" and the block-style by-standers watching the game will rush the court in celebration.

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