Throughout the House Trophy in 3D Billiards: Pool & Snooker

  • Throughout the House


    Win in every room

    How to unlock Throughout the House

    This is a trophy that was allegedly glitched for some, however it may be down to an incorrect description that this was thought to be the case. In my opinion, the description should read “Win a multiplayer match in every room”, as when I tried this, the trophy unlocked without issue. This was verified on multiple accounts.

    What you need to do is start a game of Multiplayer, Game Type = Pool (8-Ball), No. of Rounds = 1 Round. Now, go through each room and win a match. There are 4 rooms in total, they don’t have names but their descriptions are as follows:
    • Room with bright lights with lampshades in the background
    • Purple room with black and white floor
    • Room with bar in the background
    • Room with bunting/fairy lights in the background

    Once you have won a match in each, the trophy will pop. You can achieve the wins legit or just go ahead and pot the black with the second account as this will result in an automatic win for you too.

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