Victory is Human Trophy in 3D Billiards: Pool & Snooker

  • Victory is Human


    Win against a human opponent

    How to unlock Victory is Human

    This is one of the 2 very simple multiplayer trophies in the game. Multiplayer is local only and you only need one controller so there is absolutely nothing to worry about here. Go to the main menu and choose Start Game, then select Match type = Multiplayer, Game Type = any (Pool (8-Ball) is recommended for speed), No. of Rounds = 1 Round. Select any room (but be mindful that you need to win in each room anyway for Throughout the House), balls, table, avatar and cue.

    Once in the game, all you need to do is win. You can either do this legit or just go ahead and pot the black with the second account as this will result in an automatic win for you too. The trophy will unlock immediately after the victory.

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