Around the World! Trophy in 3D Dot Game Heroes

  • Around the World!


    Visited all maps.

    How to unlock Around the World!

    To unlock this trophy, you must visit every map in the game world. This means you must visit:

    -Every cave (including all the volcano tunnels near the Flame Temple)
    -Every house
    -Every temple
    -Every boss room
    -The secret tomb in the graveyard in area A5

    You can use the world map for a checklist to keep track of where you've been.

    If you follow EgHeadFool's guide, you will unlock this trophy.

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  • This is hard to keep track of...
  • I thought it was enough to just have the whole map visible apparently it is not :P Guess this include actually entering every cave and such :o
  • I was looking about for hours!!! I thought I done everything. I even triple checked egheadfools map guide and no luck... Then I accidentally found the last cave. It was one of them bombable caves where you get fined Warp to Jim's shack. Go south east! Its well hidden. In my 3 play throughs I didn't even find this cave one time. Until I actually changed the camera angle and started exploring proper. At first exploring is annoying because the design of the map is crazy but you get the hang of it after 40 hours+

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