Wow! You obtained the Hero Sword! Trophy in 3D Dot Game Heroes

  • Wow! You obtained the Hero Sword!


    Acquired the Hero Sword.

    How to unlock Wow! You obtained the Hero Sword!

    The Hero Sword is in the secret tomb in the graveyard in area A5. You must have acquired the Flame Wand from the Flame Temple to reach the tomb. From Fina's Inn in area B4, head west into area A4. Continue south from here, grappling across the cliffs, until you reach area A5. Continue south until you reach the graveyard. You will need to use the Flame Wand to burn away a tree stump to enter. In the southeast section of the graveyard, there is a tombstone that has pots on either side of it. Push the tombstone north to reveal the secret tomb. Inside the tomb is the Hero Sword.

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