Life is Precious! Trophy in 3D Dot Game Heroes

  • Life is Precious!


    Maxed out the LIFE bar.

    How to unlock Life is Precious!

    To max out the LIFE bar, you must defeat all the bosses up through Dark Knight and acquire 28 LIFE pieces throughout the world. None of the LIFE pieces are missable.

    Locations for all 29 LIFE pieces can be found here. Although there are 29 pieces, you only need to collect 28 to unlock the trophy. Please note, not all character types can acquire a maxed out LIFE bar, even after defeating the bosses and acquiring all the LIFE pieces. If you don't have a full LIFE bar after doing so, save your game, load your game, and switch to a HERO class character (FRUM, the first character on the list, will do). Also note, you cannot switch your character in Spelunker mode, and the Spelunker character cannot max out the LIFE bar (I don't know why you're going for this trophy on Spelunker mode, but heads up nonetheless).

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