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  • Found Ai!


    You found Ai.

    How to unlock Found Ai!


    Ai is one of the two fairies you must rescue in order to return the princess to her true form, and thus, unlock Rescued the Princess!, Have a Nice Night?,and And Everyone Lived Happily Ever After!.

    You will need one of each color key (green, blue, and red) or the Super Key for this trophy. After you have cleared the Wind Temple and acquired the Miracle Boots, but before you have obtained the Light Orb, you can find Ai in a cave in the southern section area D1. See here for the world map. To get there, head north from Raejack Village and follow the path to reach area C1. From here, head east. The cave is in the southeast section of the area. You'll need to bomb the entrance to get in.

    Inside, you will have to proceed past several enemies and traps, as well as unlock one of each colored door. In the room with the Cyclops and Black Knights, use the Freeze spell to defeat them easily. Ai will be in the last room.

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