Bested Dragon! Trophy in 3D Dot Game Heroes

  • Bested Dragon!


    Defeated Dragon without taking damage.

    How to unlock Bested Dragon!

    Dragon is a large dragon that shoots fireballs and flies around the room, slamming his body down and creating shockwaves to hurt you. You can block the fireballs if you have the Fire Shield, which is highly recommended for this battle.

    You must strike Dragon's head several times, at which point he will raise his head into the air. This creates an opportunity for you to strike his chest, which is his weak point. You can usually strike Dragon's chest twice each time he raises his head. As he takes damage, Dragon will get more aggressive. He will begin to shoot more fireballs. He will also fly into the air and come after you. He will either immediately try to smash you, or will hover above you for a few seconds and then try to smash you. Either way, as soon as he goes into the air, use the Dash Boots and run around the room to dodge the attacks. Watch out for the shockwave when he lands. Continue to strike Dragon's head, then chest when it is exposed. This battle is very difficult to win without taking damage. It may take several tries, but patience and persistance will earn you this trophy.

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