Bested Kraken! Trophy in 3D Dot Game Heroes

  • Bested Kraken!


    Defeated Kraken without taking damage.

    How to unlock Bested Kraken!

    Kraken is a large octopus like creature with tentacles that rise out of the water to attack you. The boss will also shoot ink bubbles from his mouth with his head emerges from the water. His head will appear in one of four spots. Strike his head to do damage. You can destroy the tentacles that come out of the water as well, but this will not damage the boss.

    When the battle begins, walk forward to the end of the platform directly ahead of you. From the edge of this platform, you can strike the boss in three of the four positions his head emerges from (if you have upgraded your sword, you may be able to hit all four spots). The one you cannot hit from here is the upper-righthand spot. You can get to him there by using the Wire Rod to cross to the platform directly to the right of where you are standing.

    Strike the boss's head whenever it emerges, moving to the righthand platform as necessary. Whenever a tentacle emerges within range of your sword, immediately destroy it. Learn the range the tentacles can hit you, and stay just outside of it. It may take a few tries to get a feel for the battle, but defeating Kraken without taking damage is not too difficult.

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