Bested Queen Bee! Trophy in 3D Dot Game Heroes

  • Bested Queen Bee!


    Defeated Queen Bee without taking damage.

    How to unlock Bested Queen Bee!

    Queen Bee is a large bee that flies around the room, generally surrounded by smaller bees that she sends to attack you, usually in groups of 1 to 3. She also fires her stingers at you. You can block the bees with any shield, as well the stingers with the Iron Shield.

    Queen Bee is weak against bombs, but it can sometimes be hard to time the explosion with her movements. A safer strategy is to position yourself in the southern doorway of the room. If you have the Iron Shield, you can block any attack the Queen Bee launches out you without fear of getting hit. Because of the angle of the doorway, both the drone bees and stingers will not be able get past your shield. All you have to do is move to the side of the doorway the Queen is on. For example, if the Queen is on the right side of the room, move to the right side of the doorway. Simply slash with your sword whenever you are not being bombarded by the small bees.

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