Bested Eelagon! Trophy in 3D Dot Game Heroes

  • Bested Eelagon!


    Defeated Eelagon without taking damage.

    How to unlock Bested Eelagon!

    Eelagon is a large snake creature that moves around the room and shoots fireballs. You cannot block the fireballs with the shield you have the first time you fight him, so you must dodge them completely. You can, however, block Eelagon himself if he gets too close for comfort.

    Eelagon's body is made up of several pieces. You must strike the end piece when it glows to damage the boss. As you destroy each end piece, the boss will begin to move faster. If you strike the boss anytime he is not glowing, he will unleash a barrage of fireballs. When only Eelagon's head remains, you must strike it to defeat him. It takes several hits to bring him down, but you no longer have to wait for him to glow to strike.

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